Midi Remote Script Console pops up using cubase 11

Since installing Cubase 12 I get a popup window (The “Midi Remote Script Console”) showing all sorts scripts being loaded, with errors, when using older versions of Cubase. It happens everytime I load a song.
Anyone else having this issue? What causes it?

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If you update to the latest minor version of Cubase 11 it should be gone.

Or update to the latest version of Cubase 11

Same thing here and I do have the latest version of Cubase 11. Funky, and not in a good way, to say the least.


Which Cubase 11 version do you have installed, please?

version 11.0.0 build 300


Update to Cubase 11.0.41, please. It has been fixed.

I just did on one machine. Fixed indeed. Thanks!