MIDI remote script for Alesis Vortex 1

I’m making available a MIDI remote script for the Alesis Vortex 1, which is not the wireless Vortex. No guarantees on the quality, and if someone wants to improve upon it I’d be happy to see what they come up with. I’ve been able to use the pads successfully in Battery and the other knobs, sliders, and buttons in Massive.

As far as the layout, the eight pads and three rotary knobs are pretty self explanatory. The horizontal slider is the S1 slider on the side, which is typically the volume but could be anything.

The button at the bottom left is the sustain button at the far left. And the rotary knob just above that is the I-beam control. Make sure you don’t have the I-beam control set to volume accidentally or just by shifting position a little you may shut off the volume inadvertently. Ask me how I know!

Alesis_vortex-mapping-script.midiremote (2.7 KB).

Some of the controls did not map for me, such as the ribbon controller and the mod wheel. It would be nice if you were able to assign a CC number to those, but maybe that is somewhere in the future. If you can figure that out let me know.