Midi remote script for Arturia keylab mk11

Is there a midi controller script available for the Arturia keylab Mk11 controller ? Theres nothing supplied by cubase and its a pita to create one from scratch


Sorry, there is not. Only KeyLab Elements controllers.


You can adapt the script for the KeyLab Essential.

I was hoping not to have to create one :frowning_face:


I would be willing to adapt the KeyLab Essential script. I was already asked few times on the forum here for the KeyLab specification, but I haven’t get an answer, yet.

I would need to know, what MIDI do the controllers send (actually I would expect, it’s the same as KeyLab Essential). Are there more controllers comparison to the Essential? Are the sliders motorised?

Im afraid I have no idea how to get that information :man_shrugging: :frowning_face:


Similar topic is here. I tried to suggest, how to make it work, coming from the KeyLab Essential script.

Hi everyone, I wonder when Steinberg will make available a script for ARTURIA KEYLAB49 mkII. I’d suggest that the script list will be updated more frequently than the whole product.