Midi remote script multiple channel help

Any chance to consolidate the different MIDI channels for my device scripts?

I would like to assign different commands for the same knobs/fader for each channel. However, I must repeat the mapping process for each fader/knob/button per channel.
Is there a work around or will this be addressed in the future?

I’d like to have different pages for each channel within the device’s script. Is this possible?
Perhaps there are future plans to add a assignable presets to specific MIDI channels.

Good topic for the future :+1:

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Thank you. Being able to duplicate the mapping without having to include all channels in one file would be nice but not urgent. Thank you!

Any possibility to add a keyboard command to “toggle enable/disable Remote MIDI” so I can use built-in VST\MIDI plug ins(arturia analog labs)?

You can have that already, just create a new empty mapping page in the Mapping Assistant. If there’s a button you don’t need on the Instrument, map it to activate the according mapping page. On your default mapping page you map it to activate the empty one and on the empty one you map it to activate the default one.

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I apologize for the vague description. I need the controller script/mapping to be completely disabled so it’s not running any script or mapping. This interferes with Arturia pre configured binds on my keylab in conjuction with Analog Labs. Arturia’s preconfigured functions work as intended when I disable the device’s script in the MIDI Remote Manager. When I’m done using Arturia products, I can turn it back on to take advantage of the MIDI remote. I have similar issues using other hardware with pre configured software.