MIDI Remote sending delayed (and incorrect) messages to my controllers

Dropped you a DM now with the .midiremote file @Martin.Jirsak

Also posting additional information from the DM here, for anyone else to also chime in if they want:

I made a single audio track in Cubase Elements 12.0.30 (as mentioned I also have Cubase Pro and same thing happens, but i went Elements for this now because it’s simpler to get a quick example going.
I hovered the volume of the track volume fader, and MIDI keeps bouncing just like in attached screenshots. Certain values always round down…0 to 1 for instance, always returns 0 for me.

Also potentially noteworthy, I run Mac OS 12.4

Check this sequence from MIDI Monitor:

If I just do single clicks on the encoder it ticks up to 1, and goes back to 0 from Cubase.
Quicker sweeps gets through it, but it’s a bit of a mess.

Adding on more info with midi port setup and midi devices:

mackie/track quick controls/vst quick controls are all set to no input no output. So nothing else MIDI is going on.

Any further ideas regarding this? I hope you received my midiremote file.

As weekend is coming up I’ll have more time to simplify and maybe try other things if needed.


I don’t understand your MIDI Ports. Why do you have the IAC Driver HackieMackie In and Out in the Inputs and Outputs? Same for the IAC Driver Streamdeck and Return.

They are ports I set up on my Mac for other applications.
Hackiemackie is something I used to interface with my mackie controller I used before.
None of them are doing anything in Cubase. Likewise with the Streamdeck.
There’s no MIDI going to or from them. Same with the arturia keystep and network ipad thing.

Anything new that I could try? Or did you manage to reproduce my problem?

I tried setting up the same thing in Logic and Bitwig, and only Cubase is giving me this problem.

I don’t mean to whine about this, but I’d really like some pointers on how to move on with this.

Anyone else experience a similar issue? I’m not really wanting to have to make my own script unless I have to, as the GUI for custom midi remotes is quite nice.

I might have some more time to trouble shoot this a bit this weekend, but I’d really like to know if there’s anything else I should supply for this, or if this should be considered a bug or not.

Right now I’m still not having much success with this, so maybe I need to write my own script to make it work?

I know you’re on vacation, but I had some more tests.

I upgraded to a Mac Studio today, and with a clean Cubase install and only my single MIDI Controller connected I still get the exact same problem, so I’d say with certainty that it’s not my computer at least.

This topic just feels dead now as it seems I am the only one talking about this.
So I guess for now I have to write a script in javascript?

I really really would like some kind of investigation for this though as I do have it happening on 2 computers, with one being a clean install with nothing else on it.

Please :slight_smile:
@Martin.Jirsak if you have any input it’d be so valuable.
Same result on 2 computers

The only time I’ve seen lag with it, is when I have the debug console open - I guess you’re not running that as you’re using the mapping assistant?

Looks like an internal issue with MIDI Remote to me, but not sure how anyone outside of the dev team could confirm this really?


Sorry for my delay.

I have tested this today. I couldn’t reproduce it the way you described.

I have attached the fader to the Volume of Selected track. Then I moved the fader in Cubase slowly up. I can confirm, some MIDI Values ere skipped in the MIDI Monitor. But when I hold down Shift and move the slider (use the scroll-wheel) to get higher precision from Cubase, none of the MIDI values (0-127) has been skipped.

I haven’t seen the values would go forward and backward.

Damn that’s so weird…
Btw I did set mine up to do the mouse AI control when I had this behaviour.
I’ll try the shift + move later. Thanks.

I’m so puzzled. Thank you.
Do you mind showing me a screenshot or something of how you set it up? I just want to try to narrow this down because it’s driving me a bit bonkers :slight_smile:
I don’t know if I can simplify it more on my end by now.

In the coming week or so I think I’ll try to take some time to write a script to see if I can make it work better.

Yeah I’m using the mapping assistant.
The thing is, I am not getting lag exactly. I get a very fast response from Cubase, but shortly after I get another message, and this is the one that’s sometimes rounded incorrectly, causing values to sometimes behave like in above screenshots.
So I can go from say… cc value 55, move fader to 56, cubase returns 56 and then shortly after returns 55, and then I can’t move past 55 unless I move faster so I get past 55 quick.


Here are some screenshots.

No matter how similar my controller is set up to yours…nothing behaves like it does for you unfortunately.

Right now I have it set up just the same as you. I click it up to cc value 80 from 79, and Cubase sends me back 79…click one step up to 80 (btw it’s consistently hitting me back with 79 if I click up to 80 from 79).

It happens no matter which track I have selected amusingly enough. If I swipe across values faster/normal speed, it works fine. But when I do very slow clicks one at a time I keep getting this…

Will try to dive in with javascript later, but it’s frustrating you can’t reproduce it. I just can’t think of anything in my setup that is in any way different now.

@Shor Just noting this comment from @Martin.Jirsak - are you absolutely certain its not your monitoring giving you a false reading or a delayed one?

FYI, I can’t reproduce the behaviour you are seeing with either of my controllers - one is motorised and would jump about under the conditions you’re illustrating.

Must be terribly frustrating.

Thanks for taking the time to sift through this.

My monitoring is dead on. I confirmed with both snoize: MIDI Monitor as well as one of my controllers having monitoring built in, so I can see the phenomenon happening there as well.
Btw his comment about some values being skipped is actually how Cubase throttles MIDI messages if messages are changing rapidly. It is great, as it ensures we aren’t getting unnecessary delay due to massive MIDI spam.

Anyway, I have motorised faders as well haha…so I can sometimes hear the motors whirring but not really doing much of any movement.

The delayed messages only happen once I’m done moving my controls though. So while moving controls normally, it’s all fine.
So once I stop moving my controls, another set of messages is sent out to them.

Today I’m going to just delete every one of my midi control setup scripts, and do everything from scratch (again).

Btw when you say you can’t reproduce my problem. How are you testing it?

To me, the easiest way to test it has been to set up a control to be absolute value and transmit to hw.
Then set it up to be mouse value, and hover over a volume fader. Then midi value by midi value I increment up from say… midi value 40 or something. For each value I increment I monitor in my external MIDI Monitor application, as well as on the value on the volume fader in Cubase.
Eventually I come to a value where a tick on my controller doesn’t do anything at all in Cubase, and then I can see my MIDI Monitoring saying my controller sends value 80, and then Cubase returns 79 to me…so I get literally stuck there, unless I move my controller faster so it sends a minimum of an increment of 2 or more.