I’ve used TouchDAW as an Android-based control surface for many years. It works great as Mackie Control surface over Midi RTP. Recently, I purchased a Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ tablet and boy is this thing great. (Nice for Cubasis too)

What some folks might not realize is that TouchDAW supports more than just your basic Mackie Control Surface, it has a second surface (with separate midi connection) which you can customize anyway you can imagine.

Since I’m knee-deep into the score editor right now, I laid out a bunch of buttons to help with enharmonic shifting (it’s classical stuff I’m playing with), note grouping and to position and align elements. Of course, I’ve got undo, redo, and save file buttons in there in there too.

This lets me use two hands more productively - there is no need to click on most commands that I need if I have a button for it on the tablet.

TouchDAW also runs on an Android phone, but it really comes into bloom on a tablet - you’ve got acres and acres of surface you can use. In one of their example/presets for the second surface, they throw fifty led-pots on the page - and they’re huge. About the same size as the actual ones on my Behringer X-touch.

I understand some folks might be having issues with the new midi-remote, but keep in perspective that the new midi-remote overall is an awesome new feature and capability! It’s a giant step forward. I’m sure things will get tweaked to perfection in time.

Meanwhile, I’ve got plenty of unmapped Cubase key commands I can put on tablet.


I must say, this is pretty sweet. I just downloaded it and loaded the Mackie-C4 emulator and tried it with my Mackie C4 Midi-remote Script that I wrote and it works. There are a few things not configured quite right but I’m sure that’s fixable after I read through the TouchDaw manual. This will provide a convenient way of developing for the Mackie C4 when I’m away from the physical unit. @Martin.Jirsak , you might want to take a look.



He meanwhile has a real C4 for developing :wink: .
It is still a cool find… so :slight_smile:

Very cool find, thank you!
I use MetaGrid Pro to a similar effect. It’s a great little program if you haven’t seen it before.
(The developer is also very friendly and listens to his customer when they suggest new features or find issues.)

In the same way but quite different, I recommend the new version of TouchOSC.

Lua scripting gives you a LOT of possibilities for creating your layout. Just an awesome program, cheap, AND… 100% cross-platform (win, mac, linux, android and ios).

The icing on the cake, they DO listen to customers and respond to e-mails. I asked for some features and got one of them in the next update. :grinning:



There’s a cornucopia of options out there for control surfaces, safe to say. :grinning:

The next step is a 22 or 27 inch ips and either an odroid c4 or an old pc with android-x86 :ok_hand:

Avid control is also great.