Midi remote, uploading own build scripts for unsupported midi controllers

Just wondering if there is a special download place where users can upload their own made midi remote control scripts.

Having the same question right now, so searching the forum but didn’t find much

I won’t open a new thread and use this one actually

Is there a complete list of available midi remote scripts both “official” or “user made”?

Would be handy!


Explore the shared-midi-remote tag, please. You can filter to see all posts with this tag only.

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Thanks Martin, thats what I did

Anyhow, I renew the proposal of making some sort of “official” list by this forum : )

Very interesting! However, wouldn’t this mean that guys at Steinberg would need the equipment used for these templates? Not sure if this is feasible…

Maybe I wrote it wrong : )

Steinberg wouldnt be involved, they should maybe just make the post sticky in the forum.
I could make the starter post, then update it while people contribute with infos
I’ts easy, I saw it many times on other forums like gearspace or similar

What do you think? Should I be the kamikaze? lol

The worst that can happen they delete it or nobody join the idea, I think we could try

Ah, now I understand better. Sure, why not?!