MIDI remote: wish it could open instert FX from MIDI note ons

I tried to find the “open insert plugin” commands in the list of the MIDI remote or something to that effect (no pun inteded but wtf :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ) but I couldn’t find one. That doesn’t mean it can’t hide in there somewhere, just that I couldn’t find it.

So if it’s not there, I’d like to submit a feature request. I have one of those drum pad 4x4 thingies to the right of me, an Akai MPD218. If I play guitar or keys I don’t do drums & percussion simultaneously so if I just could temporarily repurpose the 16 pads for opening up the insert effect on a selected channel it would be beyond marvelous! Not only would I avoid to mouse around but the MPD218 is such a sensationally tactile thing I can’t keep my fingers off it! :hugs: :flushed: :laughing:

So “open insert FX” as a target in the MIDI remote is my request. Anyone else?

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im trying this with the old legacy remote, that has this function in the list…it doesnt work with APC40 with the pads (they send out note)

also read here: SSL UF8 MIDI controller implementation to open insert plugin? - #7 by Sonico

let me know if you found a way

EDIT: the Recieve Flag was off, i also set it to Push & Toggle now it works!!!


I do this by using the legacy Midi Remote in which a specified incoming midi message triggers the “insert edit” function.


Good thinking!
I’ll save a link and test ASAP! :sunglasses:

Perhaps I am not understanding you correctly, but Note On messages are valid input triggers in the legacy Generic Remote as shown in this screenshot:

yes, i found that the Recieve flag was off, so no signal was coming in from the APC :slight_smile:

thanks for getting back to me, it works now