MIDI resoultion for midi CC ramps / simplify

Hi Martin!, absolutely!

I was just recording a small video and created a new project with only Retrologue.
I believe I was using Omnisphere in the previous tests.

When looking at the waves, specially the faster automations, the difference it’s even more obvious and the automations are just straight lines.

MIDI CC Resolution.zip (2.3 MB)

I installed C12 again, and I can see the same issue, though this is now more obvious when using the new simplified CC recording.
In this case it’s just a volume automation, but when automating filters or other parameters the results are barely usable.

Also comes to mind, that now that MIDI 2.0 is being supported, the vertical high resolution is pretty much useless without enoguh horizontal resolution as well.

Thank so much for looking into all this! :slight_smile:

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