MIDI response curves plug-ins?

I’m using a few different modern MIDI controllers. These can transmit quite a bit of expressive controller data, but most do not provide MIDI out response curves for aftertouch or MIDI controllers, such as expression pedals (Actually, I’ve yet to see ANY MIDI controller that provides response curves for MIDI controller data). In addition, many of the receiving instruments also do not provide response curves for incoming controllers either (although some do). In many cases I’m not getting the expressive control that I desire, and there seems to be no workaround. Editing massive amounts of controller data after the fact is no fun, far too time consuming and often inadequate.

So: What I would like to see in Cubase is new MIDI plug-ins for MIDI tracks that provide a nice variety of response curves to aid in getting the desired response from MIDI controller gestures on my sending devices. The simple addition and subtraction methods already available in Cubase are inadequate for this task. I would like to be able to use various exponential curves, or better yet, user definable curves for incoming aftertouch and controller data. The bottom line is that I want my instruments to sound in the most musically natural way possible to my performance gestures. Presently this is too often not possible.

This would be easily doable if Cubase had something like Logic Pro’s Scripter midi plugin. I requested this in another thread: Something like Logic Pro's Scripter - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

When I was using Logic, up until recently, I was doing just the sort of thing you mention with Scripter.