MIDI - Root Project Key - Transpositon Can't change key

I have a midi part I recorded from my keyboard
Just simple C-F-G-C ,Starting at C-3 on my midi kybd - for a test file.

I hoped that If I changed the Project Root Key in the toolbar and in the Info line to ‘F’
That the Part or eventually the Song would move from the key of C to ‘F’.

Doesn’t work

So I found I could select the Midi Part and choose Global Transpose Follow in the info line and 5 in the Transpose box and move all the C-F-G-C chords up 5 semi-tones to the key of F or 7 semi-tones to the Key of G .

Or I could put -7 in the transpose box and move the midi part down to the F below c-3

So I transposed my C-F-G-C part down 7 semitones [-7] To F and yes now When I play the part the F chord is the start and not the C chord …so now the part plays the Chords F Bflat C .

It BOTHERS me [easily done :slight_smile: ] however… that in the lower zone - it doesn’t give me the proper info …it still shows the C voicings. CEG / FAC / GBD not the voicings for the F/Bflat/C chords . Any way to show the correct voicings in the lower zone after transposing the Midi Part ?

The manual says “Project Root key” - “Changes the Root key of the Project”
Under Transposition P. 330 .

“ The transpose functions for audio and MIDI in Cubase allow you to change the pitches of audio and MIDI for playback without changing the actual MIDI notes or the audio.
You can transpose the following:
● An entire project by changing the Project Root Key on the Project window toolbar.
● Specific sections of your project by creating a transpose track and adding transpose events.
● Individual parts or events by changing their transpose value on the Project window info line. IMPORTANT As a general rule, always set
the root key first when you work with content with a defined root key. “

Is …‘content with a defined root key understanding … what I am missing here ? Understanding that ?

SO - I create a new empty project … set the Project root to C in the toolbar and the Info line and then record a midi part from my keyboard - chords C F G C

After the recording is done and there is midi info in the lower zone … I change the Project root key in both the toolbar and in the Info line - But the song I recorded in C …stays in C … even though I put F in the project Key Boxes.

I can use transpose to change keys for the midi part … how do I use Root project key.


In the Key Editor, you can enable/disable Indicate Transposition. As far as I understand, you want to enable it.

Thanks Martin … i’ll look it up
You have always been very helpful…

oops you are correct …that works … initially I added the menu item to the tool bar but did not select the tool and it didn’t work until I turned the indicate transpositions tool Yellow/orange

Can I change the midi part key or the key of the song thru the Root key ?


Yes, you can change the MIDI Part key by changing the Project Root Key. But first you have to set the MIDI Parts’ Root Key in the Info Line. The same applies for the Audio events.

I’m confused : here’s what I am doing

  1. Add Chord Track
  2. Go to media bay and drag midi loop Piano-Samba 02 - G - 110 into the project
  3. Media bay has it’s tempo as 110 and it’s Key as G
  4. Now there is an instrument track made Piano Samba 110 and the ROOT KEY box in the INFO Line says ‘G’.

So I suppose I do not have to set the root key in the INFO line Root key Box for this loop now …it’s G already.
I do chose the box , on the toolbar , directly above the Info line Root key Box and enter in ‘G’ also

In the lower zone there are 4 ‘midi lines’ G#2 … B2…D3…F#3 are the notes

Now I want to change the Root Key of this G Loop

  1. I go up to the Root Key Box in the info line after selecting the loop in the track and I change the setting in the Info line Root Key box To B . I also put B in the box directly above the Info line Root key box on the toolbar

I hit the enter key .

It does not change either the sound or the note info in the lower zone … same notes etc as when I had G in the Root key box. Indicate transpositions is also checked


In you use case, I would forget the Root Keys functionality in Cubase and I would just transpose the “Piano-Samba 02 - G - 110” MIDI Notes.

Thanks for your reply

I think that would work too . … but i’m trying to understand what the Project root key is … If I record audio with my guitar in C … or record midi from my keyboard with C - F -G chords … does that mean the projects root key is ‘C’. Where can I find that …cause the Project root key box seems pretty useless as far as changing the Root key … whatever that is …

Can I record midi /audio in C and then can I change the root key such that the Key of the song changes ?

UPDATE …wonderful news … I have partial understanding now … .I can make a Chord Track and then Change the Root Key and all the Instrument tracks monitored by it will change to the new Root Key.


The use case is following:

  • You record your Guitar or MIDI (C-F-G chords) from your MIDI Keyboard.
  • You select the Audio event or the MIDI Part and set, this is in C, in the Info Line of the Project window.
  • Now you want to transpose it to G.
  • Set the Root Key to G in the Project window.

=> You can hear the audio and MIDI has been transposed to G.
=> If you enable Indicate Transposition in the Key Editor, you can see the MIDI Notes have been transposed. If you keep the Indicate Transposition disabled in the Key Editor, you can see the original C-F-G chords, but you can hear G-C-D.