MIDI routing problem when using MIDI out of WIDI or Autotune

I have tried to do real time audio to MIDI conversion using WIDI and Autotune, which both have a virtual MIDI out socket.

However, if I try using a MIDI track to route from that MIDI out to the MIDI in of a VSTi, I do not get any MIDI into the MIDI track, no MIDI into the VSTi, and therefore no audio out.

However, WIDI allows selection of which input to output to. When I select a MIDI channel of LoopBe30 and use that as an INPUT to the MIDI channel, the MIDI gets through.

Can anyone enlighten me as to what is going on?


Please help!

I don’t know if the following applies to your setup, but, for me here on Mac, if I am using it in 64-bit mode, then 32-bit (bridged) plugins do not transmit their MIDI. I think I read somewhere that, on PC, MIDI output does work if you use JBridge (maybe someone on PC can confirm?).

I use C6 64bit and WIDI and Autotune are 32bit, so there may be something in what you say.

However, WIDI allows it’s output to be directed elsewhere, which seems to bypass the limitation to which you refer.

I had got a message in WIDI stating the the host (C6) did not accept MIDI messages.

If what you say is correct, then that is a bug in BitBridge.