Midi Routing Problem

Hello Everyone!

Not sure exactly where to post this, so please redirect me if need be:)

I am using Cubase 5.1.2 (works great for what I’m doing:) Have a MOTU 8pre USB for input and I’m running a Roland TD-3 E-kit for drums and a cheap Casio for data/midi input, then just use plugins for somewhat better tones. I was recording some students yesterday (or was trying) and the drums had latency issues, and when I went to record the keyboard, when we would hit a note, it would “stick” so to speak, and would just repeat the note as if it was on a constant slapback delay setting. I noticed even when nobody was playing, the midi level meter on the transport panel was constantly flashing.

(I also have a small Korg nanoKontrol2 mixer that runs usb)

I was wondering if all the midi activity is “confusing” the program (for lack of termanology) Sometimes the keyboard plugins end up on drum track data, and at times when noting is going, the drums will just “go off” usually the hihat pedal, which I unpluged if something was wrong with it.

Both instruments are run directly into my computer via usb/midi adapters and the keyboard just has a “printer type” jack out the back, and usb on the other. the Roland has the actual two 6 pin circle midi jacks out though. I was wondering if I were to hook up the drums via actual midi cables and route them thru my Motu 8pre which has the same jacks… or should I look into a “midi router” etc. I don’t know what the actual term is, but it would make sense if that is what’s lacking.

I have all the connections, and routing correct because they do work, just not at the same time, and the latency with the drums is somewhat a new problem. Overloaded, I’m assuming? The computer has 8g ram, and I run the program on the computer, and files pull from a 3.0 external drive (I don’t have 2 drives in the actual computer) It does fine w/o problems on analog recording, so I wouldn’t think data/midi recording would need that amount of processing compared to 8 analog tracks.

Thank you for your time in advance.