MIDI routing question

Is there a way to send MIDI data from one MIDI track to another in real-time? Or alternately, to set up a MIDI track that outputs to more than one instrument/port/channel?

For example:
Track #1 outputs to VE Pro #1, Port 1, Channel 16.
Track #2 outputs to VE Pro #2, Port 5, Channel 1.
I want to play both instruments at once.

I’m using Cubase 6.5.3 on Windows 7.

This can as ever before still be done with MIDI sends…

“MIDI Sends” for me just shows a bunch of effects. (MIDI Echo, MIDI Modifier, etc.) Please explain.

Oh I see – you can click the blue “activate” button on an empty MIDI Send to get access to the output routing. Thanks. :wink: