Midi Routing (VST)

RapidComposer is a VST that can output multiple midi tracks to the host (Cubase) and each track in RapidComposer can be assigned to a separate midi out channel. In the video linked below, someone has set this up in Cubase using every 16th midi channel. While this works, it would limit you to 8 tracks. Can someone suggest a better option for configuring this type of VST?

Not sure why you think the limit is 8. I’d think it would be 16, one for each channel.

I’d suggest you look into using Virtual MIDI Cables. I use loopMIDI, but it’s probably worth it to search and see if some of the other (and potentially newer) options better fit your needs.

8 is what is shown in the Cubase Midi Input Routing list as shown in the attachment. Maybe this is a function of how RapidComposer exposes the midi channels to Cubase? I will also look into Virtual MIDI Cables.

Thanks for your input!


It looks to me like you actually have 128 available MIDI Channels - 8 MIDI Ports x 16 Channels/Port.

You might find the MIDI Insert MIDI Monitor useful in sorting out what’s going where.

In case someone else needs to do this, the trick is to use the Input Transformer. You can see the steps in the following video. Wow that’s unintuitive!

It’s so strange because cubase does some midi things so well but there are really basic things (mostly related to routing) that are near impossible or so unintuitive you’d never discover it on your own.

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