midi Sampler and midi DrumSampler for Halion Sonic (SE) 3

just want to share my 2 Projects, i have been created…and found it very usefull :slight_smile:

  1. midi Sampler:

you can drag’n drop midi from/to the sequencer main view to the midi field
and insert the samples from the media bay in Cubase…

  1. midi DrumSampler

you can drag’n drop midi from/to the sequencer main view to the midi field
and insert the samples from the media bay… (4 sample ports)

  • Important: each Aux is linked to the EFFECTS Panel in Halion Sonic SE 3 (Drum 1 = Aux Fx 1)
  • Play the complete MIDI with C3, D3 is playing Drum 2, and so on…
  • Select the different Midi Templates with the Trigger Pads
  • the contol field below is linked to the complete midi DrumSampler


Download Halion Sonic (SE) 3 Instrument:
midi Sampler: https://1drv.ms/u/s!ApjPJXyaHg56gbQQ-o1zuHgZlEaOTA
midi DrumSampler: https://1drv.ms/u/s!ApjPJXyaHg56gbQq7y6_4W3a7vCxDw

to open the example Instrument patch, pls. select “layer filter” !

Kind regards

P.S. looking Forward to your comments :slight_smile:

cool ! :slight_smile:
the sample player is the perfect starting point for the Halion 6 synth builder, and i immediately see some interesting stuff.
gonna try these tonight.
up to bigger and better !

What do you like the most ?
PM or a reply on to the topic itself ?

kind regards,

Hi roel,

i like Halion 6 Overall :wink: ,
but mostly the connectivity with Halion Sonic SE 3 for my 2nd Computer,
to go further with my own created Instruments…

btw. i’ve been created a new Version of the “midi DrumSampler” with better Interface,
pls. use the link in the first post!


i like the idea of it and it’s fun with H6 indeed. I guess we’re going to see quite some sample players in the near future. :slight_smile:
I have checked your drum sampler yesterday and it was working quite well.
I saw two things as possible improvements.

  1. The 4 waveform screens are partially configured.
    To connect the position marker and other screen functions look under sample osc in the parameter section (right middle section of the extended macro editor) and connect the values of the parameters that have the same name to the value fields in the properties section at the left of the extended macro editor, and that should bring your screen alive, and adapt it to the sample startpoint settings.

  2. I would do the naming and grouping of all parameters, since if you want to add further parameters to you vsti, you’re going to run in having too few space on the GUI to place them and it will become a spaghetti.

That being said. It worked fine.

Maybe you already changed it, so FWIW.

kind regards,

thanks a lot for your comments :slight_smile: ,
in the “midi DrumSampler” i added Mute and Solo and reworked the design a little bit…
for me this is the “release Version” :wink:

kind regards


This sounds like cool instrument. Is there an available link to download this that works? I’m afraid when I click on the links above they don’t work.