MIDI script request for M-Audio Project Mix i/0

HI, well a couple years ago, M-Audio stopped supporting new OS drivers for their firewire and control surface, Project Mix I/O.
Now the company’s been sold and the two companies that are either the former or newer owners of M-Audio products are arguing and counter arguing on this particular (and a couple other) firewire device as to who actually owns it and who is actually responsible for it and updates if any. So all the many owners of this cool board/device are left out in the could.

That’s about as far as the audio i/o goes. It’s only good up to 10.5

Most of us own software that as a minimum (in the mac OS world) has to be Mtn Lion OS 10.8 (I use 10.8.5 and haven’t gone to Maverick yet due to a multitude of software investments that might be too costly to update at this time. But will probably update next year or sooner depending if I purchase a new mac before next year).

I was told by software retailer Ableton that they do support that unit via a MIDI Script.
My question is this:

Is there a MIDI script that will allow the Project Mix control surface portion work with Cubase 7.5.2???

I’d love a link to that or if anyone created their own, could they share that?

thanks and much support for you all in your many edeavors,

el profe