Midi Scrubbing - Key Editor

The key editor doesn’t scrub midi. As a long time ‘Opcode Studio Vision’ user, scrubbing is a
wonderfully efficient way to tweak MIDI. You’d simply “alt - drag”, grab the notes and move ‘em around; re-voice - build arrangements with great control. You could quickly get things right. Very satisfying. The ‘edit in place’ is choppy & unpredictable. Scrubbing MIDI should sound at the beginning – left of the note. Cubase ‘edit in place’ sounds at random or toward the middle of the note. I’ve been asking for this since SX3 and I appreciate that many users don’t want or understand why this is a useful feature.
If Steinberg should, one day introduce this, I’m pretty curtain that users would find it useful.

Yes! Just as you say. +1*∞

mmm… i really didn’t get what is useful for,(dont use scrub in my general edits,maybe i should ?!) but any new midi editing improvement is welcome, can be a nightmare sometimes in key editor or global project midi editing.

I get that but here’s a simple example - what if you want to hear a chord where the midi notes don’t start at the same position. Currently, one must click on each note, one at a time. Wouldn’t it be helpful to click or wipe anywhere on midi notes duration? You can move, pre-voice and if needed correct the performance.
Hope I’m being clear. If not, I’ll try again and give a few more examples.

Don’t know if you know about this function-you can hold down cmd/ctrl and click on any note in chord and all notes in the chord will sound. If the start times it will pick up notes within a certain offset- maybe 25 ticks or so? idk. (so if you don’t hear all the notes in a chord, try clicking on the one that is most centered among them.)

Yes, I forgot that command. I use it often. But as you observe, the offset is restrictive. How bout, a modifier turns you cursor into a speaker and scrub of click?

I love the way Motu DP does it, you drag the playback cursor.

Yep, Steve, that’s it. Now, can we get a few dozen users who tout midi scrubbing?

This from DP user guide:

There are two ways to scrub in the MIDI Editor:

With the playback wiper — scrubs all play-enabled MIDI tracks.

With the Scrub tool — when you drag horizontally in the note grid,
you’ll hear only the tracks currently shown (with the Track selector)

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Utterly required function for any professional midi editor. Absolute Must-Have.

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