MIDI send bypasses MIDI effects on target channel ?

As the subject says really …

Breaking this down to the simplest case, I have a MIDI track and two instrument tracks. One instrument track takes input from the MIDI track as normal via the MIDI input to the channel and one is fed by a MIDI send from the MIDI track.

I want to use the MIDI modifiers/inserts on the both the instrument tracks (NOT the midi track) to change the MIDI before it hits the actual VST instrument but it seems that they are bypassed on the track being fed from the MIDI send. Is this expected behaviour? I can’t think of any sensible reason to bypass them, and certainly looking at the top-down channel flow they should be processed before they hit the VST.

Is this a bug or just me not setting something correctly?



I tried to reproduce this, and I can confirm, what you wrote, but the behaviour is exactly the same even with the 2nd Instrument. The one, where the MIDI data comes from the output of the MIDI track. Can you confirm this?

I would say, this is due to an internal MIDI signal routing.

Btw: The same result is in Cubase 7.5 and the same result is if I use Rack Instruments.

Yes, same here. I can “kinda” understand your frustration with this… its is, as Martin says, certainly because of the way Cubase does its internal MIDI routing (if you had any actual data on the Instrument tracks, it would work on that data :wink: ). But it does work as you’d expect, if you apply the MIDI FX to the main MIDI track (and its Sends)… in fact, the more I think about it, the more I come to the conclusion that the current behavior is correct :wink:.

Sorry for chiming in, Interresting discussion, guys.

One question - why do you, vic, say this is correct behaviour? :slight_smile:

I am always confused why the midi Routing (and ist capabilities) are not a simple Logical copy of how audio-Routing works in cubase. Or am I wrong?

Cheers, Ernst

Maybe I should qualify my statement from “correct” to “not really wrong” :wink:
The Inserts/MIDI Modifiers act on the signal flow of the tracks themselves… normally, via the track’s own signal path (i.e. its MIDI Input/thruput, or the data transmitted from the track).
The difficulty here is that, when being Sent from another track, the input data is arriving/merging at a stage in the receiving Instrument track post those FX (I can’t remember the exact circumstances now, but I seem to remember that this was necessary, to avoid conflicts with VST Expression.)

Hi vic,

thank you for your thoughts. i never thought of possible conflicts - ok, something like that obviously.

BR Ernst

There is a preference:
Audition through midi inserts/sends. Cubase Pro 8 manual p.1069

I didn’t test it, so I’m not sure if it’s gonna solve your problem


This preferences works for the Play tool and Acoustic Feedback.

the outputs of a MIDI track always connect directly to the instrument and NOT to the instrument track.
If You want to use the effects of the instrument tracks, You need to use virtual MIDI Ports like “loopMIDI”.


Werner Kracht (Steinberg)