Midi Send from an Instrument Track

I’ve just purchased the excellent Composer Tools Pro for Lemur. I’ve been using TouchOSC for the last couple of years but wanted to upgrade my workflow.

I’ve been watching the videos and reading the manuals and a keep part of the usefulness of Composer Tools Pro is that it updates the ipad template with tools relevant to the track you’ve currently selected. It changes the faders, keyswitches etc to the relevant ones for that instrument.

The problem is that it uses Midi Send to do this. My large template uses mostly instrument tracks and disable/enable as required. These instrument tracks don’t have access to MIDI send (MIDI Insert and MIDI Modifiers but not MIDI Send) meaning that I can’t set this up. I have no idea why there isn’t access to MIDI send here as it’s just as relevant as on a pure MIDI track.

Am I missing anything? Is there any way with a MIDI insert or with the logical editor I can do a MIDI send in order to replicate the behaviour needed for the Composer Tools Pro to work?


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Well you can add a midi track and use the instrument track as output.

Thanks for the confirmation.

It’s not really practical to add potentially hundreds of MIDI tracks to the already present instrument tracks without a major change to the way I work - if I had wanted to work that way I wouldn’t have used an instrument track to start with.

Agree 100%
It’s about time instrument tracks gets sends.

I like to use wrapper tools like http://ddmf.eu Metaplugin(synth component) - which can load a good bunch of vst instruments(separate outs for 8 mono channels) and any number of vst midi plugins to get routing you want.

But one anomali I had was with Metaplugin v2.x and latest version - is identify as surround plugin in Cubase and convert entire project to surround panners everywhere. So I reverted to older version. Now that v3.x is out - I would check if he made separate components for surround and normal multi out vst.

Another option is www.BlueCatAudio.com Patchwork which do similar things, but less of graphics drawing of connections and does not have x2 oversampling of wanting to enhance audio quality that way not needing to run full projects at 96k. But Patchwork had 16 outs as I recall if needing that.

Also agree - seems a bit odd decision to not have midi sends on instrument tracks.

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I have the same type of template, and came to the same conclusion, unfortunately. Hope Steinberg will put the midi send on instrument tracks sooner than later.

MidiKinetics solved this problem, yheeee : - YouTube

Excellent! I’ll check this out…

Hi Patrick. The video you posted is not available anymore… Do you have a solution?

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Based on what I’ve seen, the solutions all require some knowledge in coding and honestly we should not be relying on 3rd party plugins, scripts or coding knowledge to solve an issue that actually already works within Cubase Midi Track.

Cubase needs to add this into the Instrument track as an option because the functionality already exists so it’s not like they’re even developing something unknown or new. I’m sure if this was a priority this could be sorted within a week as an update. Unfortunately I don’t think enough people are requesting this.

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Is Steinberg planning to add this, please?


Still waiting for midi send on instrument tracks….

I also pledge for instrument tracks with midi sends! This is why I still cannot use disabled track template in Cubase.

Still waiting too.

It’s a bit ridiculous that we need to create a new MIDI track to be able to send MIDI to an effect in an instrument track. Other DAWs simply do this automatically, as in all effects in an instrument track receive MIDI.

Having MIDI sends in an instrument track of course would solve this. Please Steinberg.


This is essential workflow stuff!

happy 5 year anniversary, thread.

2022 still no midi sends for instrument tracks though :disappointed_relieved:


We neeeeed this !!!

+1 … This would be really a big help! A quick workaround that works for me (Cubase Pro 12) looks like this: Create a MIDI-Track, use MIDI Send on that track / channel to feed both the VST Instrument AND the Effect Plugin placed in the VST Instruments Effect Channel (e.g. SerumFX). This requires you to use the additional MIDI-Track for triggering Notes however. Best solution I could find so far. :man_shrugging:

Cheers & Good Luck!