MIDI Sends 1-4 do not display in the Mixer when...

MIDI Sends 1-4 do not display in the middle panel of the mixer when the Sends 1-4 button is clicked. All the others work fine - the Audio Channel in the repro is just there for comparison and isn’t necessary to see the problem. Can anyone confirm, please?

C6.0.3, Win7-64


  • Create or use a project with Audio and MIDI tracks. Open the Mixer.
  • Make sure that the Command Target selector (on the left, level with the Panners) is showing three grey indicators.
  • In the Display Button panel (to the left) click “Show All Inserts”. All Inserts appear (I’m just using this as a “reset”).
  • Now click Sends 1-4. Audio Channels display correctly, MIDI Channels stay with Inserts showing.


Use Sends 1-8 button, which is okay (I suppose…) but not what it says on the tin.

Why it matters:

I use Sends 1-4 all the time to get access to Send Level Values and have it on a KC but this means I can’t use the same KC for both MIDI and anything else.

If any of you haven’t tried tying Mixer Display to a KC this way, then I recommend you give it a shot - I don’t think you’ll go back to the buttons. I have:

Alt - Meters (I use as Meter Reset so this makes sense for me)
Alt 1 - Inserts
Alt 2 - Sends 1-4
Alt 3 - EQ Curve

They’re real easy to get at without having to look first.

Good tip on the keyboard shortcuts, will get those too :slight_smile:
I’ll try the repro tomorrow if I have some time.