MIDI Sends in instrument tracks

MIDI Sends in instrument tracks…

Yes, yes yes. +1

yay verily +1

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    And why not 8 instead of 4.

Personally I’d also like to see MIDI tracks show up in the MIDI Input dropdown.

Seems like I made this exact point (eight MIDI sends rather than four) in another thread quite recently. But one can never +1 this one too many times.

So, +1 … again!



+1 been wanting this forever

The instrument track should be able to send Midi. They need some MIDI SEND slots. For instance, you need them for controlling Guitar Rig 5. And it would be very useful so as to control tons and tons of effects with your Midi controller as you play in the instrument track.

I think this is a pretty basic feature and it surprised me that it hasn’t been implemented yet.

You are right on both counts. This has been frequently requested in the past. In any case:

+1 (again)

Topic title edited. (removed [Solved] from title). Solution only applies to Composer Tools Pro, a Lemur virtual device.

A potentially simpler solution rather than having MIDI Sends would be to have each Instrument Track appear as a MIDI source in the Inspector right next to your hardware midi connections. Some VSTi’s do this now. But having every track as a potential source would be pretty flexible.

I’ve suggested this approach for all MIDI tracks. I’d much prefer this method, as it doesn’t limit the number of sends, and it makes tracking down things much easier. However, it does limit the number of tracks that can feed the track to 1. But I typically have 1 source I want to send to multiple places, not multiple sources to 1 place. I guess the MIDI Send should remain for that use case.



Yes please. I just posted in the forums about getting the motorized faders on the Icon Platform M+ to move with the midi data I recorded in CC1, CC11 and CC21. Without midi sending back to the controller the faders do not move. I tested out the Midi sends on a Midi Track and it works perfectly. I find it very strange that this functionality would not just be copied over to the instrument Track since it’s already in a Midi Track.

Please implement this soon.

Been waiting for this for years and I will stick with 9 until it is added.
Cubase 9 is fantastic and the midi sends on instrument tracks is all that is missing for me.


As an additional point (not trying to hijack the thread) having the option to select an audio input for the instrument track in addition to a midi output would be fantastic for VE Pro users, and would solve the Render In Place issue of getting tons of rendered audio tracks when trying to bounce just one sound from VE.

In Pro Tools, Instrument Tracks can have a MIDI output assigned to a Kontakt patch in VEP, and have an audio input on that same instrument track assigned to the output of that patch in VEP. This can all be done without the instrument track actually having an instrument plugin instantiated in it.

In this way, the Instrument Track is acting as both a MIDI and Return Aux track in one, allowing additional fx plugins to be applied to the incoming sound, and being able to commit just that sound coming out of VEP without also bouncing the rest of the returns from the VEP instrument track/ rack.

If this should be listed in a separate request thread please let me know and I’ll do that.