Midi sends only Program change

I want to control my helix via midi. I build a layer with pc:001, cc32:002, cc69:000 but it only sends the program change . no matter what i set the cc32, the helix turns always in bank 1
(I know, that bank 0 ist bank 1 on VST)

btw: wouldn’t it be easier to set a trigger point in a midi track with “cc” or “pgm chg”
greetings Andi

Use the Layer/Layer Controller Map to program Bank Select MSB/LSB (both!) instead. These are sent along with Program Change whenever it is triggered (changed, or Part change).
Also note that many MIDI devices and/or plugin Instrument require both Bank Select MSB and LSB; those three values Bank Selct MSB , LSB, and PGM CHG form a preset selection.
Finally, for many of those the order matters; this may not work with the Layer Controls at the bottom as you did. With the Layer Controller Map, MSB, LSB and PGM CHG are sent in that order.

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Sure, you can do that. Create a MIDI track and a MIDI event (double click), open Edit/MIDI List Editor and add MSB, LSB, and Program Change (in that order). You may also copy/paste said event elsewhere.

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thank you, it works :partying_face:
is it also possible the other way: when i switch a preset on the helix, VST selects a specific song?
(Helix ist sending the parameter on loading a preset)

It depends on what it sends.
Check Devices/Actions and Shortcuts. In the “Project” category, you can define actions such as “Next Song” or “Select Song”. The “Select Song” and “Select Part” functions take Data2 as the index argument, starting at 0, so to select Song No. 3 you set Data2 to 2 etc. Also check the “Learn” feature.

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:partying_face: :partying_face:

sorry, one more question:
how can i copy/paste?

there is nothing on the midi track what i can select
thank you

I meant the whole event (clip, region, the box containing MIDI), not single MIDI events. To have kinda like a template for your program changes was the idea.

Ok, thanks :ok_hand:

I created a track with midi cc information and now i want to copy it into another song, but i dont know how to copy a track. drag and drop, copy paste dont work?


Sorry, you cannot copy from one Song to another yet, only inside the same Song, but we put that on our list, thanks.

We have added copying track events across Songs with the next version.

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