MIDI Sends: PLS fix: MIDI routings disappear when send is deactivated unless using MIDI plugin

Currently if one is using a MIDI plugin ( eg ARPACHE ) on a MIDI send in a MIDI track - the contents of a send will be shown , even if the send is deactivated. So one can see what is set up.
However - if one isnt using any built-in MIDI plugin but instead is just using a send to route incoming MIDI to some MIDI port and MIDI channel, ( for example to double up on an instrument with another one - like Piano + Strings ) then as soon as this is deactivated. nothing shows at all. Re-activating will bring everything back - but it really should be the case that just as with MIDI plugins - the current send setup should display ( greyed out of course ) whenever that send is deactivated AS WELL as when its activated.