Midi set-up problems for newbie

New Cubase user. Guitar recording is working ok but cannot get midi synth working to access Helion SE sounds.


Toshiba L775 laptop running Windows 7

Recording Software
Cubase AI 6


Kawai K4 synth
Halion SE


Yamaha THR10


Monitoring via THR10 – working ok
Guitar input and recording via THR10 – working ok
K4 – Midi to USB cable – NOT working
Transmitting/receiving on channel 1


Midi-in not showing up so cannot use keyboard to access sounds.
Manual editing of notes works ok.
Also tried using M-Audio Ozone USB keyboard but still cannot use keys to trigger Halion SE sounds.
Must be my set-up but I cannot see what is wrong.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Try changing the midi plugs around so out lead goes in the in socket on keyboard and in lead goes to the out on the keyboard then plug in the usb and restart cubase

Wow. Great to see you helping others in your first post, but the OP is from nearly 3 years ago. If that was his solution I hope he figured it out in the meantime :wink:

Welcome though!