Midi setting in layer 2 doesn’t save with program

Hi, I’m playing Keyscape in one layer playing it from my Studiologic SL88 and I’m also using the Korg NanoControl to control some parameters from Keyscape. So I set up layer 2 so I can use NanoControl and get everything to work and then save the project. The problem is when I open up the project the MIDI setting is gone in that second layer and NanoControl is not showing and then I have to change the MIDI setting to get it to recognize it again. Thanks!

How exactly do you do that? You use the Shared Instrument, or Learn, or how else?

Check Devices/Connections, is it present there? Maybe you changed something in the hub - although that shouldn’t make any difference, ports are also changed with the project.
We’d like to help but need more details. Best to have a step by step repro such as

  • new project
  • create 2nd Layer, assign to “MIDI IN 2”

As I mentioned previously I use both Studiologic SL88 and Korg NanoControl via USB with VST live. I used Shared for layer 2 so that I can use NanoControl to be able to tweak to 2 different parameters on Keyscape as I am using the soft pedal on my Studiologic to switch pages in VST viewer. All of this once it’s set up works fine. The problem is of course when I open the project NanoControl is not working and I have to change the setting which shows to shared to get the NanoControl to be able to function

In the second project that I saved the word Keyscape appears in the instrument window but this time no sound when playing from the Studiologic controller. When I click on the Keyscape plugin window Keyscape appears and I’m able to play Keyscape’s test tone from the Studiologic keyboard but I have to manually load the program and once I do that and change the instrument setting in layer 2 to shared everything works fine. It just would be nice to not have to do all that everytime I open a project

I opened up the second project and then VST Viewer and set it so my soft pedal switches the PDF pages and then saved it. It now opens identical to the first project in which the correct Keyscape program loads and sounds but the instrument setting in layer 2 is set to and I have to switch it back to shared in order for the NanoControl to work

One other thing that might be causing the setting not to save. I do have layer 2 instrument setting set to shared and NanoControl works. I use the MIDI learn in Keyscape so Keyscape and NanoControl can communicate. Maybe that’s causing the setting to not save but just guessing

Still struggling to figure out what exactly doesn’t work. I can control a shared Layer from 2 different inputs no problem and it works after loading. So again it would be great if you could provide a step-by-step repro. Keep it simple (no VstViewer assignment if it reveals the problem without that), thanks.

Thank you for looking into this. First I loaded a Keyscape Piano that I had already MIDI Learned it in Keyscape to control 2 parameters using 2 knobs on Korg NanoControl. I created a second layer and set the instrument to shared as you had told me to do in a previous thread and I set the MIDI Input to MIDI In 2 and I’m able to control the 2 parameters on Keyscape from the knobs with no problem. So I saved the project. When I open the project it reads Keyscape but no sound when I play it from my controller.The MIDI indicator lights up in VST live and I can see that the NanoControl 2 knobs are adjusting the 2 parameters in Keyscape but no sound. I would have to click on the instrument keyboard ikon in Layer 1 to bring up the Keyscape screen and then reload the piano program which then does sound. I have to then click on instrument in layer and assign it to share to get the NanoControl to work. I have another audio interface that I will try as I’m using a Presonus Firestudio Project on a IMac running Big Sur OS

I should’ve said that it reads Keyscape in the second layer in the instrument setting. And I’m running Mac OS Monterey

I tried using my IRig Pro Duo as an audio interface with the same result. To recap doing that setup minus using the VST viewer results in this. I open the project and all my settings including the program I used in Keyscape. The MIDI Input in layer 1 lights up. And the NanoControl is communicating with the Keyscape plugin. And it says Keyscape in the instrument window in Layer 2. The problem is no audio is produced when playing from the controller.To get sound from the Keyscape plugin I have to click on the instrument window in Layer 1 to get Keyscape appear and then a test tone can be played from my controller and then I have to reselect the program I originally saved with the project. I then have to select the instrument window in layer 2 and reselect shared in order for the NanoControl to work with the Keyscape plugin. Hopefully this info is helpful

All my settings appear

Now I got it, you are right. In fact, the Instrument of Layer 1 is not restored correctly, it appears to be an ordering problem. On it, will fix, and thank you so much for your reports!

Found and fixed the bug for next version.

Glad to have helped !