Midi settings for IAA + Core Midi - help

Hello, first post in a forum ever so apologies if I’m doing it wrong.
I am trying to use Music Studio with iSymphonic but don’t know the correct settings as I get confused by midi.
Is there a ‘proper’ way to set my midi in/out as I am forever getting red ‘congruent’ notes every time I record.
I am a div and I am happy to admit it if someone can clear this up for me.

I would recommend to use iSymphonic as an IAA instrument:

  • In the Instruments tab, select the Inter-App folder, then select Crudebyte iSymphonic Orchestra.
  • Tap the instrument icon in the “keyboard row assignment” section (bottom right) so switch to iSymphonic.
  • When a popup asks you about MIDI, select “IAA MIDI Only”.
  • Record away… :slight_smile:

Thanks for the quick reply, the problem I find with IAA midi only is that I can only record ISymphonic onto the 1 channel that has iSymphonic selected. I would like to record many tracks using iSymphonic. If i use IAA Midi & Core Midi I can have a different instrument on each channel in iSymphonic and they assign to the different midi channels I have created in Music Studio.
This seems to work but I get red noteswhen I record over something I have already recorded. And they go onto several channels, not just the one I am recording on to. In the midi in/out part of the midi set up page I have selected (in descending order) ‘tracks, all, tracks, all’.
Does this help at all?
Your help is greatly appreciated, thank you.

Ok, here’s the way to do it without IAA:

  • In iSymphonic’s settings, enable “Run App in Background”
  • In iSymphonic, select the desired Channel, e.g. 2
  • In Music Studio’s MIDI Setup, tap Ports & Channels, disable MIDI IN, only enable MIDI OUT and set it to channel “Tracks” and port “All”.
  • Add a MIDI track number 2 and set its volume to 0
  • Now, when you record in Music Studio’s Keyboard screen, Music Studio will write the notes and send them to iSymphonic for playback :slight_smile: