Midi Settings not saving

Hi Guys,
I wonder if you can help please.
I have set up m-audio oxygen 88 as generic remote device in Cubase AI.
All successful, all transport and faders working great. applied all changes and okayed out of there.
when I save and exit Cubase then reopen it… none of the changes are there anymore??
can someone help please? cos im going mad.

Hi and welcome,

There is an known issue in this area of Cubase. The workaround is:

  • Once you make your settings, in the Generic Remote, Export the settings as an XML file. Done.

Then it works. You even don’t need to import the settings back later. You just have to export it once (for some reason).

Hi There. I’ve been sent this thread as i’ve been having the same problem. I realise it’s over 2 years since this post. But i too am going mad. I have recently purchased an AKAI MPK249. It’s taken me all week to even get to this point where i see that i have to continuously import there XML file upon turning on the MPKJ249 in Cubase in order to get the device to work. I’ve tried this ExportXML solution many different ways and its not working still. Is there a certain process to this? Or any new way of getting the MPK249 to stay in the same settings after turning off? Thanks in Advance… Nic.


How did you Export it? The is an only one way how to do it in the Generic Remote Device. So I wonder you tried many different way and it leads me to the idea you didn’t do it right.

Just export it from the Generic Remote window.

Hi there and thank you for the reply.

It seems like this issue should be more simply solved than what i have tried to do.

None of my attempts have worked and i still have to import the XML file upon turning on the MPK. I do indeed go to the generic remote window. 1st i imported the XML file…clicked ‘apply’ and then ‘ok’ and then went to ‘export’…exported the file…clicked ‘apply’…then ‘ok’…That didn’t work…I tried it again…importing the file…but this time ‘exporting’ the file before clicking ‘apply’ then ‘ok’…That didn’t work…i’ve then repeated this process but adding and clicking on ‘Project synchronisation set up’ and clicking on the MPK249 option in the clock destination and on the 'Internal time code…that doesn’t work…When i say “doesn’t work” i mean that when applying these methods the MPK does come to life and work as expected…when i turn it off…and turn it back on again…or use it later on…i am back to square one…and nothing works and so i have to import the file again…I’ve even tried just exporting the file…and clicking ‘apply’ and ‘Ok’…still doesn’t work…so that’s what i mean when say i’ve tried many times… Any ideas?

kind regards Nic.


I’m sorry, I’m not AKAI owner and I don’t know, what has to buy set up.

I don’t understand, that you mentioned the Project Snychronization Setup now. Why? Is it necessary? Does the Generic Remote Assignment work but the synchronisation setup doesn’t work? Or the Generic Remote assignment doesn’t work?

What do you mean by “i am back to square one”, please?

Maybe a video would help here.

HI There.

Thanks again. I mention the ‘Project Synchronisation set up’ because its given as another stage of the set up of the AKAI MPK249 in Cubase after importing the XML file in order that the arpeggiator works correctly and syncs with the settings.

“Back to square one” just means that i am ‘back to the start’…in this case… of the set up process and have to re-import the XML file …again and go through the set up…again…Whether i export or not.

But when i do import…everything works fine…until i switch off the device…and turn it back on…And so nothing work and i am back to the start…“Back to square one”




To be honest, I’m not really sure, how does it work when you import the XML at the first place. How does it behave with the known bug then.

So as a workaround try following:

  • Import the XML file to the Generic Remote Device.
  • Change some settings (for example change the name of one of the slot or change one of the controller assignment - increase by 1).
  • Click Apply.
  • Export it.
  • Make the Change back.
  • Click Apply.
  • Export it again.
  • Close Cubase.
  • Start Cubase.

Is the Generic Remote assignment persistent now?