MIDI setup help please!

Hello! I am relatively new to Cubase 8.5 Artist.
Yesterday I just got my Korg Minilogue. When I tried to connect it to Cubase through USB, I was able to use it as a key input.
However, instead of using it as a key input, I’d like to use it’s own synth sound and probably record that in the future. I’d been searching online for the whole day and couldn’t find a specific solution for it. (I tried to add a new MIDI device from the MIDI manager, but I had no Idea how to set-up the MIDI control since Minilogue is not among the existing MIDI presets.)
Does anyone know what should I do?

  1. Cubase is able to use Minilogue as a key input.
  2. I have installed the latest Minilogue MIDI driver.
  3. I have updated my MInilogue to the newest version.

Hi and welcome,

I read thru the Minilogue manual. It seems, this device cannot operate as an Audio Device (sound card) of Cubase (or any DAW, or other software in general). So you will need an Audio Interface to be able to get the Minilogue sound back to Cubase.


  1. Minilogue > USB > Computer: MIDI data
  2. Minilogue Line Out > audio cable (2x jack 6,3 mono) > Audio Interface Line In: the sound of Minilogue.


  • Switch Local Control of the Minilogue Off to don’t get double (chorused) sound, while playing the Minilogue keyboard.
  • Audio Device Setup: Your (new?) Audio Device (sound card), like UR22, for example. :wink:

Tracks in Cubase.

  • MIDI Track: Minilogue In (or All Inputs); Minilogue Out.
  • Audio Track: Audio Interface In; Stereo Out; Monitor Enabled to hear the sound of Minilogue.

Thanks a lot! I’ll certainly try to connect it with my soundcard.

I was able to get Cubase to record the Korg minilogue, but I am unable to listen to the recording of Cubase from the computer AND the audio from the Korg at the same time. How would you go about fixing that so I could listen to everything at once (Korg’s audio and the recording made through Cubase)? Please help. Thank you.

As far as I know Minilogue doesn’t do that :frowning:
Hope someday Korg can make that happen.


Could you describe your routing? ID the output of your Korg Minilogue routed to the Input of your Audio Device? If yes, you can add an Audio track in Cubase. Set the relevant Input (where does the signal comes from Minilogue), set the Output (Main), and enable Monitor on the track (orange speaker). All other tracks have Monitor disabled.

Now, you can hear the signal from Minilogue thru Cubase, which is routed to the same output, as other tracks in Cubase.

Thank you everyone for responding with input.

I’m sorry I am so delayed - I did not realize I got responses.
I have the KORG’s output plugged into the mac mini AUDIO INPUT.
I have the mac mini AUDIO OUTPUT connected to a speaker.
Cubase can record whatever I play on the KORG, but when I try to listen to the recording I have no audio from Cubase.
My VST AUDIO SYSTEM is set to ‘Built-In Audio’. It gives me no other options.
Where do I go from here?
Thank you.

I still get audio from my computer, but not from Cubase


Web you Record the audio from your KORG, can you see the waveform afterwards in the Audio track?

What is your VST Connections > Inputs and Outouts settings?

I can see the waveform in the track in Cubase after recording.

VST Connections:
Bus Name: Speakers: Audio Device: Device Port:
Stereo in 1: Stereo Built-In Audio
-left Built-In Audio L
-right Built-In Audio R
Mono in 1: Mono Built in Audio
-mono Built-In Audio L
Mono in 2: Mono
-mono Built-In Audio R


Bus name: Speakers: Audio Device: Device Port: Click:
Stereo Out Stereo Built-In Audio Click
-Left Built-In Audio 1
-Right Built-In Audio 2

The format of my message makes it difficult to discern what it is I’m trying to outline for you. I took two screenshots of the information you requested. Thank you very much for the help.
Screen Shot 2016-08-06 at 10.24.32 AM.jpg
Screen Shot 2016-08-06 at 10.24.28 AM.jpg


1st of all, I cannot see the waveform of the recorded audio signal.

2nd once the signal is recorded and you want to play it back, you have to switch the Monitor (orange speaker) Off.

Awesome - I can hear it once I turn on and off the monitor toggle.

Is there anyway that I can record with Cubase and then take that recording and alter it using the switches on the KORG itself?
Thank you.

In theory, you can control any Cubase function from any MIDI Device. Check Generict Remote Device (search for it here on the forum, please).

Thank you so much for all your assistance

Hi I have had the same problem with trying to get sound out of Korg Minilogue from cubase 5, I have all the correct midi signals now in Cubase 5 but no sound? Please can you tell me how I can turn off the local control on the Minilogue because I think thats thwe problem. Thanks, Drew

Hi and welcome,

No, the Local Control is not the problem on your side (if it’s switched On, so you can hear the signal, when you play the Korg keyboard).

Local Control On = the MIDI signal from the synth keyboard is sent to the MIDI (USB) Out + the internal sound engine.
Local Control Off = the MIDI signal from the synth keyboard is sent to the MIDI (USB) Out only.

Where do you want to hear the signal? On your Audio Device (what Audio Device do you use)? Or from the KORG synth (headphones, or connected to Mixer/Speakers)?