I got an RME Babyface Pro and a Kronos and a MODX
Trying to run those workstations on Cubase but it doesn’t work. I got a midi signal but NO sound
I’m on Windows 10

I have set everything up like this

I don’t know what’s wrong maybe I’m missing something.

Any help would be great.


May I ask why you are using Asio4All and not the native RME drivers?
How is your audio routed from your keyboards?

Babyface as audio interface don’t seem to work…
I use just usb cable for both keyboard because midi and audio are supposed to go through usb for those boards

If you say “NO sound” - what exactly do you mean? I dont see any audio out connections.

HTH, Ernst

I think you are asking for trouble trying to do this with asio4all. I have a Babyface pro fs and would never use anything but the solid rme drivers. I doubt you will find anyone trying to do what you are doing with asio4all. Even if you get it to work you could have problems with sync issues. That is why Cubase doesn’t support multiple audio interfaces. Asio4all is a bit of a bodge to get round it.

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thanks, I’ll use the RME driver and revert, I was thinking more about aggregate system since I’m from MacOS, but that makes sense.

Asio4all is for pc only I thought?

When I use the RME driver I don’t hear the MODx. …
local control is set to off on the MODX for Midi Rec on DAW and Arp Rec on DAW, check image:

I set use the MODX template when launching Cubase, I get midi activity on MIDI 01 and Midi 02, but still NO SOUND…
I really don’t know wha’ts going on.
Master Volume on the MODX is up, USB volume monitor is up.
That’s so frustrating.

Those are the choices I have for midi inputs and midi outputs for each track.

I am completely unfamiliar with the MODX, but when you say “no sound” would that be true for the headphone output on the MODX itself also?
How is the audio from the MODX routed? Is it connected to the Babyface’s analog inputs?