Midi signal comes, but cannot record it.


I love to play my KronosX keyboard with variuos ribbon-controlling (CC#16).
But how can I write it into midi or Virtual Instrument track of Cubase?

Other controlling methods such as Joystick, SW1, SW2 are written well into the track,
But only ribbon controlling cannot be written…

All device setup & midi port Configuration have no problem.
Is there only one way that record as “Audio Track” ?

Kronos-X 88, M3-88 EXP(EXB-M256, EXB-Radias), DS-1H, EXP-2,
Nanopad 2,
Roland OctaCapture, Cubase 7.5.30

Aloha a, and welcome to the board. E’ Komo Mai’.

Over the years I have found that many controllers (my guitar synth(s) as well)
do things in a 'live/‘performance mode’ that do not output to MIDI.

What comes to mind are arpeggiators etc;
and from yer post it also looks like in this case
the ‘ribbon’ thang may not output to MIDI.

1- Check the ‘MIDI Implementation’ chart
(usually on the last page of the manual) of the KronosX
to see if what you are trying to do is even possible via MIDI.

2-If that info is not there, then check with the KronosX folks
to see if MIDI output of the ‘ribbon’ is possible at all with that specific ax.

Good Luck!