MIDI Song Importing For General MIDI

Hi All,
I usually sequence my own MIDI tracks so I’m not as well versed with importing them. (although I have with single instrumentation that I’ve assigned a separate instrument to but not a whole pre-assigned song)
Today I imported a MIDI song from a friend and as it’s supposed to, it neatly asserted itself into separate tracks and synced itself to the proper instruments in the General MIDI fashion. I was then to record some audio tracks to this song which went without a hitch. It was all good till I wanted to export a mix of what I had recorded along the existing MIDI tracks. It was then I discovered that the sequenced part of the song was not coming through the main output. I could hear everything fine but had no idea “where” it was outputting from. I tried clicking on “edit instrument” and no instrument would open. I looked at every button on each MIDI track and nothing led me to where I could redirect the output of the sequenced parts to the main output so I could export a mix.
Is there some hidden general MIDI instrument that’s playing all these parts that I can’t find?
I welcome your thoughts. Thanks!



Select any MIDI Instrument/MIDI track in the Project window, and open the very 1st tab of the Inspector (Track name). Here, you can see the MIDI In and MIDI Out. Where is it routed to? To HALion Sonic SE or something else? Could you provide a screenshot?

If it’s routed to the HALion Sonic SE, click to the “hash” which you can find in the field of the MIDI Channel. This is button to open the Instrument.

If it’s an Instrument, you can see the routing (output of the Audio Return Channel) in the MixConsole, in the Routing tab.

Hi Martin,
I have attached the screenshot. You will see that I’ve exposed the inspector and can see the input/output routing.
The input is coming through my Tascam interface as does all the MIDI I work with.
The output shows it is going to a “Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth”. Right underneath that labeling, there is a box that looks like a car radiator that is supposed to launch that instrument when you click on it. When I do, the box lights up but no instrument appears. It’s not anywhere in the MixConsole panel either. I can get any instrument to come up on any track except for this Wavetable Synth which is the instrument for all the MIDI tracks that were created when I imported this song.
C9 Screenshot.jpg


Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth is a synth bundeled with Windows, included in the DirectX. Actually from the Cubase perspective, it’s an external hardware synth.

If you want to use HALion Sonic SE, add an Instrument track, and route your MIDI tracks to it.

You can set Cubase to use the HALion Sonic SE for an imported MIDI files. To do so, open Preferences > MIDI > MIDI File, and change the settings in the Import Options > Destination.

Ok, I had a feeling about that synth being external. So you are saying that Halion Sonic will act like a general MIDI synth? It’s been a long time since I had dealt with import MIDI songs and general MIDI.
I don’t have SE, I have Sonic 2 and also Halion 5.
I appreciate you hanging in with me and redirecting my routing for the next import.

I just went to the MIDI preferences as you suggested and it already had Halion Sonic SE as the destination.
Could it be that Cubase couldn’t see Sonic SE because I upgraded to Sonic 2 and defaulted to the Microsoft synth?
If so, the only other options in the destination were “instrument tracks” and “MIDI tracks”.

Yes, HALion Sonic SE can act as a General MIDI Synth. It is GM compatible.

HALion Sonice 2 can do so, but you cannot set the HALion Sonic 2 as a default destination in the Preferences.

I wonder about your Preferences, because your tracks are clearly MIDI (it’s visible by the track icon).

The solution, would be to Add an Instrument Track (HALion Sonic 2), and set the output of all your MIDI tracks to the HALion Sonic 2.

Thanks Martin! I guess I’ll have to take your optional solution.