Hi hope somebody can help

I recently upgraded to Cubase 10.
I use Midi step input- record pitch very much, and in Cubase 9 it was much easier.
It was just turned on all the time, and I just selected the notes and I could move them around in pitch.
In Cubase 10 I have to turn it on, press the note, turn it on again!!!
Is it a Cubase 10 problem or do I need to set something somewhere?

Are you sure? It sounds like you are talking about Midi Input, not Step input.

yes midi input, record pitch, where I can move the pitch with my keyboard

Hm… I checked that- it’s something I use a whole lot too. Here, the setting is remembered.

With that in mind my suggestion would be to start Cubase in safe-start mode by holding ctrl-alt-shift while Cubase launches, and disable prefs to see if the problem persists.

That did the trick, thanks a lot Steve:)