Midi Stops Working on Playback

I’m using Cubase Elements 10.5; a very strange issue occurred for the first time. I have an instrument track where I’m using the Vienna Percussion from the Vienna Symphonic Library. As soon as I press playback, at the first midi instance the sounds do no longer come through the speakers. Even if I click on those midi instances (the rectangles), no sound is reproduced. It does not reproduce even when I press my keyboard. Nevertheless, all sounds would reproduce just after creating the track and setting the Vienna Instrument but, as just stated, as soon the playback cursor hits the first midi instance, no response whatsoever will be triggered. All the other tracks behave perfectly.
Is there a way to understand what is happening?
Thank you


Make sure there is no MIDI CC7 (Volume) or MIDI CC11 (Expression) written (and set to very low value) in the track, please.