Midi Sustain Data Being Sporadically Ignored

Hey guys,

Please see the example. Naturally recorded take with a working sustain pedal. Sustain data must be correctly recorded as if you playback one time, it will play perfectly, but playback again and it will drop out. In the example, the first time I play, the sustain drops on the first chord of the next phrase. The second time, that chord sustains correctly, but it drops one of the ascending notes just prior.

Have no clue what’s going on and it’s really causing me problems. It affects any VSTi I use sustain with. Have updated to the latest version of Cubase 12 Pro as of the time of this post.

Any help is much appreciated!

Anyone have any ideas? Whats the best route to get support from Stienberg on this issue?! It’s preventing me from working :frowning:

Did you ever get an answer to this? It started happening to me as well. Everything was fine and then it suddenly stopped working. Then it started working again today for no reason I can identify. I recorded some stuf and it played back fine initially. Now, for no reason I can deiscern it’s not working for some parts taht it previously did work for.

Of course the playback should be the same every time you play it back.
Would it help to move the Sustain Controller event one or two tickes before the notes’ position?

OMG I’ve been fighting with this bug for months!!! Any solution???

Do you have any plugins running?


One thing I’ve noticed is this problem only happens if I manually draw in sustain points. However, if I use the sustain pedal while recording, the resulting points are not ignored.