Midi Sync issue with Minifreak V (Mac)

Not sure if anyone here has tried the new Minifreak V VST yet which is out since 2 weeks ago I think…

I’ve been playing around with it for a few days and really like it but there seem to be some issue with the Midi sync… most of my arpeggiated or sequenced patches just don’t sync correctly when you play them back in the timeline. Also, when you play a section on loop, playback would stop and restart with the next note - pretty peculiar.

I’ve tested this on 2 different macs and have the same issues there.

Problem doesn’t exist in Ableton and Logic - here the timing is tight as ever.

If you want to play around with the test project I’ve created to demonstrate the issue, you can download it here:

test.zip (40.3 KB)

  1. Open the file in Cubase (Make sure you have C12 and Minifreak V installed)
  2. Select the parts and set it on loop
  3. Activate the Metronome for reference
  4. The Sequence is supposed to start perfectly on 1 - but it starts 1/16th note in - and continues to be 1/16th off for the rest of the playback
  5. It skips notes upon interation of the loop

I’ve already created a support request for this issue for both Arturia and Steinberg.

Just curious what you guys think about this?

Looking forward,


Hi ! I’m having the exact same problem with MiniFreak V on Cubase Artist 11.
Using the Eclosion preset (other presets work fine while some have this strange delay), I can’t seem to work this out. Could it be midi settings, specifically on some presets ?
I’m not very good a debugging that kind of thing, hope someone comes up with a solution.

As far as I know the problem had been fixed by Arturia in the most recent update?