MIDI sync with diode no longer working

During one of the recent iOS or cubasis updates, I lost the ability to sync diode to cubasis midi clock. I’ve been through the very helpful diode support guys with no result. I have also purchased midiflow app to monitor core midi activity and I can’t see any midi start/stop message or midi clock message coming out of cubasis. I have reset the iPad and reinstalled both cubasis and diode to no avail. Any help appreciated!! Thanks

Hi Tedbloggs,

I’ve noticed that Mike from Vibrant Digital Engineering released a YT video explaining the topic:

Please let me know if this helps to solve the issue.


Hi Lars

Sorry for late reply, been rather busy with other things. Basically no, the video they posted used to work before diode was updated in Q4. Speaking to the developer they bought in a load of backend MIDI stuff from a third party to the app in the update that has knackered the very effective clock sync they had before. They are losing money on this app so are not going to fix it, which is a massive shame as it was the best drum machine out there, and they probably won’t even allow users to regress to the old, effective version. Perhaps Steinberg should buy it up and offer it as an in app add in to cubasis, as the classic tr type pattern sequencer is still a lot of people’s favourite interface for drum programming and cubase has never had it. As part of my investigation into this though, I discovered numerous issues with the midi clock start messages sent by cubasis. For example, it is impossible to start little midi machine as a slave to cubasis, yet it happily starts and runs in time from numerous old hardware sequencers I have (electribe er1 for example), which makes me think the clock start message sent by cubasis is non-standard. Can you confirm this? Thanks