Midi tap

I have an effects pedal Line6 M13 with which I want to configure the Tempo via midi (no possible to sync it via VST Live ?).

I can send 2 tap via CC #64 to set the tempo. But with Layer Controler Map, I can send only 1 time a CC message.

Would it be possible to use this feature ?

The only workaround I see for now, is to create 2 parts at the beginning of the song, with a size of 1 bar both. For each part, I configure the Layer Control map and because the tempo of the song is 120 for example, the 2 taps will be created by the first CC message from Part 1 and the second message from Part 2, right ? (I cannot test because there is a bug where 2 midi messages are send instead of 1 for each midi request).

I don’t quite understand what you want to acheive, and how.
You can use VST Live tap tempo to program a tempo with assigned MIDI controller (button on your keyboard). VST Live does not send Midi Clock yet but it will soon, maybe the M13 can use that?
So you can either program the M13 to react to notes as tap tempo, or you will need to record cc#s to a MIDI track, or you program all of this in Cubase and export to VST Live. I guess you will only have to do this once, and then you can copy/paste such a “tempo event” to songs where you need it. Is that roughly what you need?

Hi @musicullum, Sorry for the bad description.

On my effect pedal, there is a tempo parameter and I want to sync the tempo from my VST Live song to my pedal (automatically when the song is activated, so without tapping with my keyboard).

Indeed, my pedal supports the Midi Clock but for now, this feature is not yet implemented.

It is possible to control my pedal from a MIDI controller using this implemented MIDI CC :


So I have to send 2 times the CC#64. So my only solution for now is to create 2 parts of 1 bar at the beginning of the song. Each part is configured to send CC#64 = 127. Like that, it will send 2 taps to determine the tempo :

Ok, coming.

Ok, so it has a fixed assignment and you can’t change it, got it.

Should it not be one quarter apart? Usually, tap tempo expects beats, your mileage may vary.
But then yes, I think that should work, provided your pedal doesn’t require more than 2 beats to determine the tempo, otherwise you might have to add some more Parts.
However I also suspect that even when you get it to work that way, tempo may drift over time, as there is no real synchronisation - if the tempo your pedal calculated is even slightly different from VST Live’s tempo, it will ‘run off’ after some time.

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Ho yes you are right.

Yes it is just a workaround for now. I will wait then for the MIDI Clock feature in VST Live.

Hi @musicullum, when will the Midi Clock feature be implemented ?

Unfortunately it will not make it into the next version, but planned for the one thereafter.


When will this feature be available plz ?