MIDI Thru NOT WORKING with any controller

I have been trying to use MIDI THRU in cubasis 2 and it appears not to work with any controller.

I choose ALL INPUTS or select one

choose output

choose any channel 2-16

enable THRU

play controller

Receiving device only receives on Ch1
regardless of which midi channel is selected in cubasis 2, the external device is receiving on ch1 only
you can play notes on the controller and it will record to cubasis 2 midi track.

if you playback a midi sequence on that track the correct channel is sent
If you play notes on screen keyboard the correct channel is sent

Playing notes on the Controller cubasis 2 regardless of which channel is selected, it force transmits on ch1 only???

Tested on
Mini 9.3.5
Air 2 10.2.2
Pro 10.0.1

Hi Quinnx,

Can’t confirm, Midi Thru works here as expected.

my Testsetup :

  • external Keyboard Controller Yamaha Motif ES 8 or CME Bluetooth keyboard
  • Midi Interface Yamaha MD-BT01 Bluetooth
  • Air 2, iOS 10.2
  • Cubasis
  • NLog Synth pro

Repro :

  • launch Cubasis, create new project and midi track

  • Cubasis >Setup>Midi>Midi over Bluetooth>Host>connected MD-BT01 I/O

  • launch NLog Pro > Sys > Devices > MD-BT01 Bluetooth> IN:Notes = off / and > Background Mode ON

  • go back to Cubasis Routing Input and assign > MD-BT01 Bluetooth

  • Cubasis Routing Output assign > NLog Synth Pro

  • Activate " Midi Thru" and select Ch 1-16 as midi I/O

  • Play on external Keyboard Motif ES 8
    Result : NLog Synth Pro receive on ch 1-16 about Midi Thru from Motif ES 8

  • deactivate " Midi Thru" and select Ch 1-16 as midi I/O

  • Play on external Keyboard Motif ES 8
    Result : NLog Synth Pro doesn’t receive Midi from Motif ES 8 as expected

Note : I test it also with CME Bluetooth Keyboard and Midi Thru works on ch 1-16 as expected

Please let me know in detail wich App and Testsetup you are using.

The Midi Thru Workflow is described in detail inside the Cubasis Help file.



Sometimes when i start recording on a track the notes dont record
Thru midi?
No sound on keyboard, does not play any sound on cubasis,

Hi Yammy85,

Can you write an detail step by step description.

  • Wich App you are using ?
  • How looks your Midi Setup / Midi Routings etc…

Need the info for recreate your setup.

Thank you.