Midi timing Drums.

I was wonder what is the best technique to record “loose” drums with guitarr and bass. I tried to record drums but they are too loose (sloppy) and when i record guitarr and bass to match that groove all the instrument gets loose timing. Is the best way to have a straight 16 beat and record guitar/bass and then after re-record drums to match tight guitarr and bass?

A lot more practice, from the sound of it.

Yes I understand that. But if i want to record something (creative with my Boss Looper and other stompboxes) into Cubase and I´m not a drummer. What is the best way? To use midi form Vst instrumens like addictive drums? I want to have a human feel. But do o need to have the drums set first, always? If I use the addictive midi. Record my bass and guitars and after rerecord the drums myself. Will the timing be bad? My drumm timing will be better when i know exactcly how to play and guitars and bass are recorded.