Midi Timing in Cycle Mode (and oevrall) is Sloppy

The timing of the entire programs playback clock speeds up and slows down as well as notes triggering at the same time being off from each other. It’s not wildy inaccurate but off enough to make playback bad, especially in cycle mode. It’s not completely un-useable when not in cycle mode, but in cycle mode everything gets pretty drifty at the cycle point. This is when using Cubasis own instruments. When using interapp instruments, like Fairlight CMI and Arturia iSem, tracks from those instruments get lagged behind the timing of drums from Cubasis Classic Mashines. Oh yeah, about classic machines: no individual pitch or volume controls… really? I’ve used both Audiobus 3 and piping interapp audio back to Cubasis to combine the sound and get the same issues with cycle mode.

Only freezing tracks gets them to be tight, but I’d rather remain flexible in my compsing and also don’t want to fill up my 32gb with unnecessary audio files. I’m using a 2019 Ipad 9.7. Korg gadget 2works flawlessy, and the timing is significantly better even when not in cycle mode. I’m using the ipad straight with no audio interface. I have lot’s of them but the point of doing this stuff on an Ipad is too be free and portable without a complex setup or chained to the wall for power. Tested with and without interapp synths and with no background apps at all latencies. I’ve read everything in the forum performance issues list but that is all computer troubleshooting 101 to a guy like me. I’m a professional audio engineer and setup tech for over 20 years with a background of using hundreds of DAW and midi systems. I’m a little new to music on IOS but I’ve been using Gadget 2 for about 8 months. I really enjoy it but wanted to expand into a more diverse system with the graphic editing I’m used to from just about every computer DAW. Maybe there is something I don’t know, or maybe I’m just more sensitive to timing than other some other users but here is a link to a audiobus forum thread (I’m not in it) about this very topic. https://forum.audiob.us/discussion/28046/sloppy-timing-in-cubasis

I appreciate you getting back to me in my App Store review Lars. If you can help me get past this I will change the negative review. I’m just frustrated. I literally just bought Fairlight CMI PRO, Arturia iSEM, iProphet, Sampletank, Rozeta, Classic Machines and fully expanded iOptigan to use with Cubsasis. I’m sure you can imagine how bummed out I am.

Hi starfishmusic,

Thank you for getting in touch with us!

Are you able to provide us with a project and short video clip that visualises the issue, and allows our engineers to reproduce and evaluate the topic?

Thanks again
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