Midi timing issues when recording on a Macbook Air

Hello all! I’m a long time Cubase user and recently changed OS. I am now using most of the time and for all purposes a macbook air (intel) upgraded to Big Sur, installed Cubase 10 running perfectly well with an external firewire sound card Roland FA66. The issue is a bit of a burden because i can’t find a solution: recording a piano track is quite impossible since notes are played out of tempo and overlapping. This problem doesn’t occur with Logic Pro X. So how can it be fixed ? Thanks for your help!

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Do you mean MIDI data, please? Do you record with Metronome enabled? How does it sound while recording? Is the recorded material out of tempo or out of Grid, please? If it’s out of Grid, make sure, you have Bars + Beats Grid selected.

Hello Martin and thanks for your reply! It’s midi data and yes, i record with metronome enabled and it sounds ok. The recorded material is out of tempo when played back: while recording, i see notes filling the track. Sometimes it overlaps and sometimes it just don’t fill the measures which leads to a blank. Seems like data sent via midi connection is not properly treated by cubase and makes midi events not fully recognised…


Could you try to use any MIDI Monitor? How do the incoming MIDI data look like there, please?

Hi Martin!
Where do i find a midi monitoring? Midi data comes rather quickly, no lag or delay while i’m playing a vst instrument (grand piano /ex.). It’s only on recording that midi notes at one moment stumbles and causes sort of a big jam. Therefore, it goes out of rythm and/or leaves one measure blank with no data/sound. It seems that midi notes are coming too fast and Cubase can’t deal with a possible “overload”. But then again, it only occurs when i use Cubase on my macbook air! I copied the parameters i use on my windows 10 Cubase session, no change. It’s kind of frustrating and time-consuming.


You can find MIDI Monitor as a MIDI Insert in Cubase. Or you can download 3rd party MIDI Monitor application (for Mac).

I made 2 exports of what appears in the midi monitor:
archivedwl-294.zip (228.2 KB)
If these can help!
Thx :slight_smile:

Hello all!
It’s been 18 days since my last message… No one there to give me a clue ? No solution ? Should i give up working on Cubase after all these years ? Thanks for your help!


I don’t see any Note Off message, but they are probably written as Note On with Val2 = 0. From my keyboard, I can clearly see Note Off messages.

When you were playing and observing the MIDI Monitor, have you found something uncommon?

Well, what i find uncommon is “Overlappingpitc” (overlapping pitch ?) mentioned several times in the text and supposedly meaning exactely what i’m experiencing That should have strucked you more than the Note On/Off messages. To my opinion, there are many issues running Cubase on a Mac and as it is, no solution to it unless someone here has had the same problem and fixed it, which is not the case apparently. Anyway, thanks for trying to be helpful it’s probably time for me to quit Cubase :wink: Regards,

The title of this topic is so general, that anyone who could help you wouldn’t know what you’re asking about.

I’ll edit the title ao maybe someone else can give you the help you need in the way you need it.

Thx Steve!
Let’s give it one more try :relieved:

Also, since you’re in an region served by Steinberg Support, you might open a ticket aboiut this.

This forum is not staffed by the tech support team.


Yes, the Note Off was missing. We can clearly see the same MIDI Note (same Pitch, same Channel), but different Volume (Val 2), but there is no Note Off (or Note On with Volume 0) in-between.

Could you use standalone MIDI Monitor application, to double-check the incoming MIDI notes, please? Other DAW could try to handle this wrong MIDI Messages by adding Note Off message automatically. Cubase doesn’t do this.

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Hello Martin and thanks for your reply.
Here attached the results of my testing midi notes on a standalone freeware for apple: MIDI Monitor. The midi ON/OFF messages looks normal.
Processing: testmon1.rtf…
testmon1.pdf (25.3 KB)

Thanks Steve for your advice!
I opened a ticket and wait for a response. Hope it will solve the problem.


I can still see some Note Off messages missing. Look for example to the 20:15:22.343 time. There are 4 Note On messages but only 3 Note Off messages after.

That would mean, the hardware doesn’t send the data properly.

Hello Martin and thanks for your reply.

There are none with Cubase…

By hardware you mean my external sound card, don’t you?

  1. when using the Roland FA66 with Cubase installed on my PC, it works pretty well.
  2. when using the Roland FA66 (properly cabled) with Pro Logic X installed on my MacBook Air, it works pretty well.
    3)when using the Roland FA66 (properly cabled) with Cubase 10 installed on my MacBook Air, it’s problematic.
    I opened a ticket, maybe the Steinberg Support team will find the solution ?



Note On with Velocity 0 is translated as Note Off in the MIDI protocol. So these are the “Notes Off” in Cubase.

Hello Martin,

Thx for your reply.
Cubase translates Note off with velocity 0, that’s understood but it doesn’t help at all.
I’m over Cubase, over dongles, over paying for upgrades every year or so and not getting support for “older” versions like my 2019 Cubase pro 10!!