MIDI to audio and pitch?

Hi cubase users!

I’m switching from Logic to Cubase (I’ve had cubase 6.5 for a while now and I like it except for the dongle!)

In this video, can anyone please tell me how he records the midi into audio in realtime, he obviously have some short commando for it? whats the name of it in the bind list, I’d really love to get it aswell!

Another thing I need to know is how he pitches the sound in some weird way just a few seconds after he bounced it in this clip.

I think he’s using the built in pitcher to make the sound less tonal. How does he do this and is there any short commando for that pitch thingie he uses?

He also have some commands for cutting with the keyboard for some reason, it looks like a great tool to improve in the workflow, how does he do that? (see video again; Frontliner's Studio 09 - 10 - 2012 - YouTube he seems to have some kind of shortcommando for chosing which waveform he’s gonna cut in, some kind of target commando)

Note that I’m also using a plugin like Geist for drums and that’s what I want to render to audio! that means, I use the VST instruments (F11) and route each individual hit to its own bus so I can apply individual effects on each hit. I’ve watched a video that I found on youtube describing how to render from MIDI to audio (- YouTube) but my problem is that I dont have any outputs to select from, because it’s a MIDI track!

Please help?

Thanks alot! answers very much appreciated!

come on, no one? I really need help with this in order to run cubase the way I want :frowning: answers would be very much appreciated! thanks

I couldn’t tell when you think he was recording MIDI. Looked like lots of cut/paste of audio to me.

But, you can use VST Connections to record the audio out of VSTi. Click F4 … create a couple of new stereo busses. Name them VSTi -1 , VSTi - 2 etc… Don’t connect them to anything in the VST Connection window. Now go back to the project and add an Audio track. Select VSTi - 1 as the input. Go to whatever VSTi track and select VSTi - 1 as the output.

Monitor enable the audio track … and Bob’s your Dad’s brother.

I couldn’t listen to that crap to get to the end to figure out what glitch effect you are talking about. A good read about the elastique algos in the manual will help.

Hi there! thanks alot for the reply, I appreciate it alot!

I have a problem though, because I cannot set the inout nor the output of the MIDI channel I want to record. This is where the problem lies.

This is how it looks like:


Thanks alot! appreciate the answer =)



MIDI doesn’t do audio… the VSTi that the MIDI is playing does. So, go to the track that the VSTi is on and do the routing there.

Or, from the picture it looks like you have an external keyboard you are playing? If that is the case you have connect the audio out of the keyboard to the audio in of your sound card. Then the audio from the keybaord can be recorded in cubase.

wow I’m so confused now! isn’t this an easy process? As shown in the video he just presses record and it’s done, that’s how I want it to be!

I will provide a video or pictures of what I’m doing so you can see more clearly.

Yeah I have an external keyboard.

So are you trying to record sylenth or your external keyboard?

You may be screwed because you are using an instrument track. You can write a macro (which is probably what that guy does) that does an export to new track on selected data.

It’s always easy when you know how it works. That guy obviously is very good with Cubase. It may not have been easy for the guy to get that functionality to the point that doing it is easy.

I’m trying to record sylenth1, and that is recorded with my external keyboard! =) that’s what I’m trying to do hehe.

Yeah I agree , he is a good producer too, but I just love the way he works, I’d like to learn how to do that! I’ve been watching alot of cubase tutorials but it doesn’t describe this at all.

Thanks alot for the answer yet again, appreciate it alot!



it’s so weird because ALL tutorials I see on the internet or youtube or so says I need to route the midi track/instrument track to the group channels track, and then from audio track out to group track in, BUT, I cannot choose ANY output for the instrument track at all! this is where it all fails and I’m so confused about the matter.

Could someone please help me out?


Okey I found a way that works now, BUT, how come I don’t see the outputs in the arranger window? like on all other tracks. Is this possible to setup so I can see it? on instrument tracks… because I needed to go into the mixer window and click on “routings” and then from there choose another output for the track.

Do you get what I mean?


Ok, I had a chance to watch that video again … I don’t see anywhere that he uses midi. As far as I can see he is using audio files the entire time. Also, keep in mind that there are differences between MIDI tracks and Instrument tracks. You are using instrument tracks. Technically you can do MIDI editing on an instrument track, however it is NOT a full blown MIDI track.

What he has probably done is bounce his MIDI or instrument track to an audio track. There are several ways to do it.

  1. Solo the Sylenth track. Set the range to the part you want to get to audio. Select the File/Export/Audio Mixdown menu item. Check the box for Audio Pool and Audio Track. Click Export. This will essentially play the Instrument track and capture the sylenth output to an audio track. Mute the Instrument track. Then you can do all the manipulation you watched in that video on the audio track. Typically people set up a macro that does all these steps in a way that supports how they work.

You can set up live VSTi monitoring. There are two primary ways to do this

  1. Create a Group track and call it Sylenth-Group. Create an audio track and call it Sylenth-Audio. Go to the Mixer and find the Sylenth Instrument track. Change the output from 1/2 to Sylenth-Group. Go to the Sylenth-Audio and set the input to Sylenth-Group. Now click the monitor icon and you can capture the recording of sylenth on an audio track. Once recorded, you can do all that manipulation stuff from the video.

  2. Use VST bussing… That is the process I explained earlier. Here is a picture that has a setup for capturing the audio out of Absynth.

Go to the mixer … look at the picture I posted

Instrument tracks are hybrid track type. It’s an old argument, but they cause more problems than they solve if you ask me. Basically you used to have to use the instrument rack (F11), load a VSTi, create a MIDI track and assign the out of the MIDI track to the input of the VSTi track. For some reason this was beyond the college dorm laptop crowd. So Steinberg created Instrument tracks. These combine the weakness of the two track types and eliminate the strengths all in the name of simplification :laughing: (If you haven’t figured it out, I’m in the “instrument tracks are ridiculous” camp).

You should read the manual about the differences of track types. This is a kindly RTFM. It will help tremendously now that you are starting to get your head around routing. There are also some pictures of how the various track types route through Cubase. VERY good thing to learn. I’ll bet that dude in the video knows that poopies backwords and forwards.

hehe thanks alot mate, I’m used to routing, since I’ve been using Logic, it’s not hard at all, it’s just that Cubase seem to make it more complicated than it should be. Atleast from my point of view. There are so many steps to get things working!! it’s really annoying if you come from Logic.

What I’m wondering though, is why the outputs aren’t shown in the arranger view, you know where u load your VST instruments, and handle track panning, volume and delay compensation.

Do I really have to go to the mixer to do this? I mean, on EVERY other track, such as audio track, I have the option to change its output and input straight from the arranger window on the left side. The instrument tracks doesn’t give me that option at all? can you fix this? or do I really have to go through the mixer to change this? thanks!

Every other track type is a single track type. Instrument tracks are a hybrid. So you get a goofey combo in/out MIDI/VSTi instead of regular track type routing options. Like anything else, choice leads to complexity.

I would always have preferred that the instrument track came with both an audio and MIDI track and that the backdoor plumming to the audio track was already done for you when you created the instrument track. THAT would have simplified things. Anything else is just moving the problem to a different location.