Midi to audio, Cubase LE5

Hi, beginners question.

I’m using Tascam us1800 and Yamaha motif 6.

I can play and record using motif sounds, audio and midi.

How do I convert midi tracks to audio?

I select File/Export/audio mixdown and then click export. I hear this infernal sound as the the whole song is played in fastforward and then export is done. Except that the exported file does not contain any sound. Just a wav-file with silence.

What am I missing?

That depends on where the audio is coming from, that is triggered by the MIDI.

obiously when mixing down the sounds of your keyboard, the mixdown would have to happen in realtime, which AFAIK Cubase 5 doesn’ t allow. So you have to playback the MIDI to your externel Keyboard and record the audio, in realtime