Midi to audio, how

I used to do this years ago in Cubase 8.5, but now I’ve forgotten how to set it up. I recorded the Roland TD-50x drums, as a m,idi file and now I want the playback to be recorded as an audio file.I made a track, audio for the TD50x thinking when it played back the midi file, the sound would be routed to the audio track assigned to it but see no signal. Pretty basic I guess, but I just can’t remember how set it up.

So a couple questions…

  1. How are you sending midi to the external sound module? Are you using a MIDI cable, or USB?

  2. Is the external sound module connected to your audio interface via audio cable(s)?

You need to establish an audio connection from your TD-50x to your computer and record that signal on an audio track in real time.

The TD50x and the MOTU mid express 128 are USB. The first time I recorded the drum set, I had td50x midi channel and about 8 or 9 individual audio drum channel tracks from the TD50. So I played and recorded a midi channel and the whole set of audio tracks.

But then I thought, from now on, I’ll just record the midi which is way less storage and when I am satisfied with the midi drum track, I’ll just play it and record the audio drums onto one track. So I set a track to and from the TD50x and used main or stereo and played the midi and no signal. No connections have changed. I’m using headphone and no external speakers.

I reopen the file today, and now an error mesage in this buggy program, I never set any ramp curves.
ramp curves. That required C-A-d.
printer message

Another one I have to get by.

After usccessfully getting back in to the song, and not being able to get activity to tracks with USB, I put L&R out from the TD50 to the Studio Live 3 inputs 14 & 15. and I see signals there. But I am using the TD50 as the audio interface. With a cord from its headphone to the mix in of the TD50x, I can hear any midi or audio tracks playing. I am showing the routing of the TD50. The outs are pretty much the same but won’t fit a in the picture as they go way down…

I have addes a stereo track and a mono track assigned to the TD50x. When the midi file plays neither show activity. My chosises for the portsa are only Stereo in L, Stereo in R or no buss. Myabe I’ll have to wait till tomorrow to talk to roland as it’s been 3 days. stuck.