Midi to audio using Genos in Cubase


I have come over from Sonar and purchased Cubase 9.5.
I cannot figure out how to record Midi tracks to audio with my GENOS

Any walkthrough help would be appreciated

In Sonar all you had to do is select a track or song and then put your keyboard workstaion In and Focusrite Scarlet channels and away you went.
It seems a bit more complicated with Cubase.

Any help appreciated as I love Cubasebut It is a bit of a learn curve again.

all the Best

In Cubase all you have to do is add a new audio track, highlight this new track (or click the Record Enable icon), then hit Record.

You can change the audio inputs by using the channel Inspector to the left, or by opening the MixConsole (F3) and clicking “Routing”.