Midi To Audio

Hello Folks,

I switched to Cubase 6.5 recently from Pro Tools …

I am a Spectrasonics user (Omnisphere, Trilian & Stylus RMX) …

In order to do the final mix and apply EQs and Compressors I have to convert Midi Tracks to Audio Tracks (This is what I used to do in Pro Tools through busses) unless there’s a way to apply EQs and Compressors to each Midi Channel in cubase …

Assuming not, how can I convert the midi tracks I want into Audio Tracks ??

Do I need to Export Each Midi Track Separately ???

Thanks …

You don´t have to…

Not to MIDI channels or tracks (unless you´re talking about the MIDI compressor insert available in Cubase) But to the VSTi Channels of your VST instrument.

You could do that in Cubase also. Someone posted a nice link to a tutorial, last time you asked that…

No, you could use batch export the VSTi channels, given you want to export audio, and not as you say MIDI…

I started to answer the question, then noticed the well articulated one by “thinking cap”. Hopefully that post cleared it up for you.


Hey … I am glad you guys around are very helpful :slight_smile:

Well … Let me get things straight then …VSTi Channels if the VST Plugin isn’t Multi Channel … (E.G: For Halion Sonic … How Can I Apply EQs and Compressors to each instrument in each channel if I kept the tracks as Midi … ??

About the tutorial … can you please repost the link I lost my way around the forum in order to find the previous post … :slight_smile:

What about the batch export ???



I’m not using MIDI > Audio conversion. I’m using instruments to the end. And then just “Bounce” it.

I’m using either VST Instruments “rack” from the Device menu, for the multi-timbral VSTis, or directly the Instrument track for the non-multi-timbral instruments. When you are using the Instrument track, there is set of all audio processors in the Inserts (of course Sends too) slot. When you are using the VST Instrument “rack”, you can set any MIDI channel to the different Output (if the VSTi can do this). Than, you have separate tracks for any of these outputs. So you can mix it, add Insert effects, etc.


I would think that you should have each instrument set up in the VSTi to have it’s own audio output channel. Are you using the Instrument rack for your VSTi’s, or are you using instrument tracks? Please tell us how you have things hooked up and routed.

I typically use the instrument rack, and I have multiple outputs set up on the VSTi (such as BFD, where I have an output for Kick, snare, cymbals, etc.). I can then put effects specific to each of those outputs on the VSTi outputs.


Martin … I do appreciate your help Mate :slight_smile: Can you just be a little bit more clear … (knowing i am a newbie Cubase user …)


Well, then you export each instrument to a separate audio track

No, but it´s as simple as going to the “search” field on top right, type your username, and since you don´t have too many posts, you will probably find the thread I´m talking about quite fast.

Yes, it´s there, right in Cubase 6.5

OK, so if you are using Project > Add Track > Instrument Track, you are using the easier way, but this one isn’t for the multi-timbral isntruments. Input of this track is MIDI, output is the sound. In this track, you can find MIDI Inserts, MIDI Sends, and Inserts or Sends too. These last two are “audio”. So you can insert any “audio” plug-in. Same, as you can insert it on the exported audio track.

If you are using Device > VST Instruments [F11], insert the VST instrument in to the virtual rack, and create MIDI track, you are using the second way. Then, you can work in multi-timbral way with the instrument. In the instriment window (it depends on the exact instrument), you can set different output of any track. So, you have Outpu 1-2; 3-4; 5-6, etc.

Then, in the VST Instruments rack, you have to click on the icon right from the “e” (box, and right arrow). You will see the list of virtual output of the instruments. By clicking on the output, you will add this in to the Cubase. In the VST Instruments folder, you can find the folder of the instrument (Kontakt 5 for example). In this folder, you can find all these outputs. So, if you click on this output, you will see Inserets, Sends, etc. Same asi audio track.

Is this more clear, now?


Printing midi track within Cubase is quite simple.


What that video doesn’t show you is how to do it with midi/instrument tracks but the idea is exactly the same.

Just select the output of your instrument/vst to the appropriate group track.