midi to audio

hi guys,

im sure this question was asked a 1000 times before but i cant find it on this forum yet so i post myself and keep searching since im going nuts if i dont get a solution :wink:

how do i record the output of a vst instrument, lets say maschine or massive to an audiotrack so i have an audiofile ?

please a step by step tutorial !


This Youtube video will show you how:



thanks for the quick answer and the provided link. very helpful!
i tried the export function and it works. the routing doesnt work because after creating a new bus output channel i cannot select it as input for my audiotrack. f.e. i create “stereoout2” as new output bus, select it as output for my vst and it doesnt show up as input for my audiotrack. plus i cannot create groups in the vst-connections window - i remember it was possbile in the older versions. i have the feelin the notrouting issue might come back at me later - any tips ? sry for my slaughtering of the english language :wink:

best regards flx

Hi monkeydonkey,

recording from internal busses is a feature available only in Cubase. Probably you have a smaller version like Artist or Elements?