Midi to USB conversion - Help?

I have an issue with getting a midi signal into Cubase Pro8. I’m using an old control keyboard at Roland PC 180 A. I have a track with a halion instrument set up that I can play using the virtual ‘keyboard’ that you can launch onto the transport panel, and though Cubase appears to see the Midi USB / Cable/Converter but it isn’t getting a signal in. Everything set on Channel 1. The cable has an activity indicator on it, and it’s doing nothing at all, whichever way I plug the In and Out to single USB it offers.

The keyboard has no digital display or thru or in, just out, and unsure as to what channel it was broadcasting on I plugged it into an old module, set on channel one, everything fine, showing activity, and tried that both out the thru and out of the module. Still nothing.

I understand that there are issues with fiddling about with the USB or connections thereof once in, and a re-boot is best, so have tried a number of configs and reboots and am getting nowhere fast. Have watched a number of tutorials and swept Google for answers/suggestions.

I’m fresh to DAW and back to Midi after years of pure Microphone recording. Any help?

Anyone have a preferred product for Midi to USB conversion, I have an iMac, running Yosemite.

Thank you all, in anticipation.

I should add that it’s a cable converter or something simple I require to do this, I already have an apollo twin, obviously this doesn’t take care of any midi, and all I want is a simple into the mac and into Cubase from the control keyboard answer to my woes.
Thanks again in anticipation…

Can you describe more what you mean by “Cubase appears to see the MIDI /USB cable…”. Where are you seeing that activity?
Have you checked your MIDI Port status under Devices menu? and have you set the Instrument Track Inspector to show your device or All MIDI Inputs?

I have had trouble with some cable convertors, usually resulting in MIDI note off errors resulting in infinite sustain. I gave up on them and use dedicated AD convertors that include MIDI

Yes, I can see the USB connection via the track inspector panel, it appears undeer any connection, when the USB is connected, and is not there, when I take it out. It labels is USB connection. So it’s ‘seeing it’, but not hearing it.

I have not set anything under midi devices as it’s not available in the drop down ‘known keyboards’ but I do have the track/midi ( going in and out as channel 1, and channel one set on the Halion) associated with the bundle Halion instrument. I’m currently away from my system but, will check this when home for certainty.

My gut instinct is that it’s the keyboard, as I’m seeing no activity being indicated by the leds which are on the converter/cable. However it’s hard to be sure. or it could be a combination problem with keyboard and cable.

I’d be interested to know of a cheap controller keyboard, that’s going to be good for USB into the iMAC that is known to work with iMac and Cubase 8 or a cheapish converter that is known to do the job, so at least I’m starting with equipment known to function, after that if it’s still not working I can shoot myself in the head for being stupid, or work out why if there’s anything faulting…

I am on PC I am afraid, so can’t help much with Mac related stuff. Certainly if the cable shows nothing that’s a worry, they normally show a power light when plugged into USB and a flickering activity light when working. Do you have another MIDI source you can try?

Have you checked that you have used the correct plug on the cable. It has to be labelled INPUT and be plugged into the OUTPUT of the keyboard… Sort of counter-intuitive in a way.

Yes, I have tried that and in case I was wrong, the other way around too!

Can anyone suggest a cheap control keyboard and Midi to USB converter or USB to USB Midi keyboard that the know for sure works with Cubase 8?

Hi, I don’t think that it is a Cubase software error. I have often found the cable type of convertors to be unreliable.

There are loads of devices out there, but people would need to know your typical use. Are you a one-finger player, or do you want weighted keys, how many octaves and so on.

What country are you based in, there might be someone nearby who can help you troubleshoot your problems

Thanks for the comeback, a few octaves, not a keyboard player, and yet not just a one finger geezer either. Something offering basic input would do as a lot of editing can be done in detail within Cubase, and that would suit me… I’m un-cordinated at the best of times…

Weighted keys would be nice, something of reasonable quality…