Midi Track Creates Sustained Notes ERROR! [SOLVED]

First time CB user coming from a long time Logic user hoping to switch over. My first impression of Cubase’s GUI is like ‘Tetris’ and overall the workflow feels laggy and jerky. Not liking the zoom in & out function where it isn’t as seamless and smooth as it is with Logic. But I’m impressed on how deep the program is with midi editing capabilities.

Here’s the problem:
Record enabled a midi track and while recording notes creates sustained midi of that note stacking on top of each other from the beginning of the bar. CB gets laggy and jerky from that point leading to a program crash. I can’t even record my first note right and it’s becoming unusably frustrating at this point. This happens on some tracks and it’s inconsistent of which tracks it occurs on. CPU is fine, no instruments/plug-ins loaded, just with midi tracks causing the issue.

Is anybody else having this problem? I’m on El Capitan 10.11.5 with the latest Cubase 8.5.20

Update - this issue was solved by the help of Sternberg’s support team!
Solution: Simply needed to select the right input routing setting for the track i.e. in my case was my midi keyboard. Previously the problem happened when it was selected to something else which created an unknown feedback within thus creating the glitch. Cheers, node01 :wink: